Thursday, May 03, 2007

All the time in the world to knit....

So, I have come to a conclusion. If you wait a while between bloggings, you have a ton to talk about. Needless to say, this will be a long post, so grab a glass of wine, a comfy chair, and join me in my ramblings.

First of all, I want to give a WOO HOO to Bezzie for getting a job up there is Jersey. Congrats! Now, if you are done with it, send that job mojo over this way. Speaking of moving away from the great state of Texas, we wish farewell to Manda, whose in my SnB. We met via the RSC and she pointed me to my SnB, to which I will be eternally grateful.

This past weekend, we celebrated my Memaw's birthday. She and her daughter drove up from San Angelo, picked up another daughter and granddaughter (me!) in DFW, and we drove up to my parent's house in OK. For those of you who know my family won't find this odd. My mother sent us a wonderful itenerary containing mostly casinos and winerys. It was nice.

For those interested, I'm gonna talk a bit about OK wine. I have gone to quite a few winerys in TX and there is the grocery store wines. Yes, I would tell a difference between the two, but I never realizes how different wine could be until I went to OK. In all fairness, we think that they didn't "legalize" the selling of state whine until 2000 because that's when everyone said they started selling.

Of the four winerys we went to, they were all very light bodied, compared to TX wines. In general, the wines were much more fruity, where TX wines are more "oakey". I am also curious about the alcohol content of the wines. I know that all beer has a lower alcohol content than all the other states. Yes, Coors Light in OK has less alcohol that Coors Light in TX. I have been known to drink port and no one had a port wine. In TX at least, it is actually considered a liquor (which cannot be sold on Sunday) because it has a much higher alcohol content than regular wine. In OK, I was offered a couple of "port-like" wines, but no port.

KNITTING KNITTING KNITTING....okay, we have relatively gotten past the wine part and are progressing to the knitting portion of the entertainment for the evening. Almost, because when I was checking out the winerys, I noticed that one of them had sheep.....SHEEP!!! My mind raced with the possibilities of handspun and roving. Check'em out!

And here we have the Hospitality Mule:

He checked my knitting credentials and made sure that I was certified to take sheep pictures. We had a nice conversation. Sadly, these were not "wool" sheep. They are bred specifically for meat. So sad....

n the knitting progress, I have drastically updated my progress column. I have deleted projects that have gone to the wayside or the frog pond...but I promise to show pics when/if I finish.

I have added Jayden's Hoodie which is a Bernat pattern that I have fallen in love with (search for Knitted Hoodie). I love it because it just falls off the needles and the only thing that requires concentration are the sleeves (but a sticky helps that). I recommend this to anyone who knits for the young ones. This is being knit for Jayden, who was born this weekend at an almost 9 lbs, which is normal for our family. Because of this, I tend to knit a 12 month size for our babies. If it doesn't fit now, it will eventually, probably in 3 months. Anyway, I was waiting to post until this was done, however, the sleeve has hit the black hole of knitting. I didn't want to tempt fate.

In the car this weekend, I finished a stripe and a half on my HP scarf. I am determined to have this done in time for the movie/book. It will probably be my focus after the hoodie is done (1.5 sleeves, hood, and seeming left). Lucky have I so much time to knit....


Jennifer said...

you've been a busy busy bee. :) glad you guys had alot of fun w/ the family!! :)
which HP scarf are you doing?

Bezzie said...

Aw thanks for the good job vibes!

Hospitality mule! Ha ha! Love it! It seems a shame that the fleece of meat sheep doesn't get used doesn't it?

K8 said...

I used to live in OK, but it sounds like before they started to have wineries. Sounds really interesting - I didn't know TX had wineries either!

Hehe, hospitality mule. I love it.