Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In Memoriam: An Ode To Never Cleaning Again

About a month ago, The Boy and I went on a little vacation. His family was having a family reunion and, unlike mine who tend to get together every other day, his rarely congregate so we decided to head out a see everyone for a week.

In preparation, we got into a heavy "cleaning the apartment" mode so when we came back, it would be lovely. It had gotten to the point where pretty much everything was out of its place. Even hats, mittens, and scarves were still by the door, waiting for me to go buy a nice Rubbermaid and cedar balls to store them in. This was June people. Way past time.

So we cleaned.....and then off we went.....and did come home to a very lovely, clean apartment.

Fast-forward two weeks. I come home proud of myself because I finally got said Rubbermaid and cedar balls and was going to store all those lovely woolens that we put in a sack while we were cleaning. However, the sack was not to be found. We searched EVERYWHERE about ten times. We finally came to the conclusion that in all the cleaning, the sack must have gotten mixed up with the trash sacks and.....taken out to the dumpster.

Yea....I know. I would like to take a moment of silence for some of the woolens lost that day.

The Hannah Hat - Best hat for those with the long hairs.

The Jayne Hat - The Boy was very, very sad to lose you.

There were others lost as well, but sadly, no pictures to remember them by. Replacements are in the works, starting with the Jayne Hat. I'm contemplating a different pattern for my mittens. Nothing wrong with the pattern....just something different. Hopefully, I can get stuff done before it gets like 4 months.....