Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Am I being stalked?

Alright, so I officially joined the Knittyboard Blogstalking 2 'cause, you know, I'm I joiner.

So this weeks assignment is "Purse Guts" to which we reveal the deep dark contents of every guys worst nightmare.....seriously. I tend to fluctuate between the big purse and the small purse and I am currently in the big purse phase.Courtesy of Target, apparently a popular purse destination for other Stalkees. I have placed a 9" needle for reference 'cause, you know, that's what was handy. Let's check out the contents, but a of the rules of this assignment was that you were not allowed to clean it out first, so bare with me.From the top we have the address book, planner, B&N nametag, checkbook, wallet, excess card holder, sock pattern, wine list from Grapefest 2007, Purse knitting (currently a Pomatomus in Trekking XXL #100), Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade, various coupons and receipts from the last grocery run, iPod, a bazillion pens and three tins of mints from the PKD walk goody bags, paystub and various business cards.

My wallet is my new favorite thing ever. I saw several customers that had them and finally asked someone where they got it. Of course, mine came from Target, but I have seen them other places, especially Hallmark. I like it cause if I need to slim down a bit, then I can just grab the wallet and go. I do use a little card holder for all of the other card that I have that I need but don't use every day, like the video card, grocery card, etc.

Alright, so how about some knitting. As you can see, I got the camera to work for a bit so here are the Flaming Monkeys!Pattern: Monkeys from
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock in Flames
Needle: US1
Mods: Increased pattern repeat to 18 sts and added a picot hem.

I have also begun a project for my cousin's future cousin-in-law. Everyone got that figured out? Okay, good. I am working on recreating a Christmas stocking for a newly arrived cousin.It's progressing nicely and quickly. Should be done in plenty of time for the wedding in November and for Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas, I got gifted some yummy yarn from Tasha.It is some Lorna's in Glenwood and quite yummy. I also got some new Inox and bamboo sock needles from Dawn, but that is when the camera cut picture short.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Did you miss me?

Yeah, so I have been away from the Net for a much so that I missed my first blogiversary! Well, post #100 is around the corner, so maybe we'll have something special!

Something that tipped me off on my anniversary, was the PKD walk that occurred this past weekend. I remembered that last year I posted about the walk and so I went back to check when it was. Oh well....check out this year's crowd!Yep, our group grew a bit this year, which was great. What was even cooler was that we grew so much that Paul's Posse won the award for the largest team. I am excited to see how many we have next year! Even the lil'uns got in on the fun:That would be Miss Lizzie and my mom. She is the recipient of the lil' purple dress. Her and her brother are some of my littlest knitting recipients.

More to come...gotta get the camera to operate. Mine died after one picture. The above are complements of my Dad's camera.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Oh crap!

Yep, that's how it's been the past few days. I got called into work on my day off on Monday, but I didn't quite mind it as much since it was time-and-a-half. Things that didn't dawn on me until I got to work: (1) it's a holiday which means it will be crazy busy, and (2) I was closing Monday night (~10:45pm home time) and opening on Tuesday (be there by 7am).

Oh crap! #1

On said Tuesday, it was the first day after a three day weekend, the day new books come out (which is busy at B&N), and there was some kind of weird alignment of the planets and moon or something cause the crazys were out. Plus, we have determined we have some kind of house elf or something in the store that screws everything up just enough to be annoying.

Oh crap #2.

I then got some take-out and went to SnB last night, a little early, but had to save some seats! But then the take-out and my LONG few days caught up with me and barely lasted an hour.

Oh crap #3.....I really needed knit-night too.

Today got to be my day off so I got to catch up on errands and go get important things like food. I get back and have a lovely note from my apartment complex saying that I didn't pay my rent. BS to them I say!! I paid my rent on Sunday when I came to get my new parking pass. See? I can show you the carbon copy here the whole thing Sunday, I didn't actually GIVE them the check.

OH CRAP!!!!!

Luckily, I talked my way out of the $75 LATE FEE!!!! If I hadn't, this would have been a much longer post....

Plus, still haven't finished my Monkeys, which I find annoying. I have hit the point of "I just want them done," and they are getting longer. I have about 2 repeats and 5 plain rounds to go before I start the toe.