Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Am I being stalked?

Alright, so I officially joined the Knittyboard Blogstalking 2 'cause, you know, I'm I joiner.

So this weeks assignment is "Purse Guts" to which we reveal the deep dark contents of every guys worst nightmare.....seriously. I tend to fluctuate between the big purse and the small purse and I am currently in the big purse phase.Courtesy of Target, apparently a popular purse destination for other Stalkees. I have placed a 9" needle for reference 'cause, you know, that's what was handy. Let's check out the contents, but a of the rules of this assignment was that you were not allowed to clean it out first, so bare with me.From the top we have the address book, planner, B&N nametag, checkbook, wallet, excess card holder, sock pattern, wine list from Grapefest 2007, Purse knitting (currently a Pomatomus in Trekking XXL #100), Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade, various coupons and receipts from the last grocery run, iPod, a bazillion pens and three tins of mints from the PKD walk goody bags, paystub and various business cards.

My wallet is my new favorite thing ever. I saw several customers that had them and finally asked someone where they got it. Of course, mine came from Target, but I have seen them other places, especially Hallmark. I like it cause if I need to slim down a bit, then I can just grab the wallet and go. I do use a little card holder for all of the other card that I have that I need but don't use every day, like the video card, grocery card, etc.

Alright, so how about some knitting. As you can see, I got the camera to work for a bit so here are the Flaming Monkeys!Pattern: Monkeys from
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock in Flames
Needle: US1
Mods: Increased pattern repeat to 18 sts and added a picot hem.

I have also begun a project for my cousin's future cousin-in-law. Everyone got that figured out? Okay, good. I am working on recreating a Christmas stocking for a newly arrived cousin.It's progressing nicely and quickly. Should be done in plenty of time for the wedding in November and for Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas, I got gifted some yummy yarn from Tasha.It is some Lorna's in Glenwood and quite yummy. I also got some new Inox and bamboo sock needles from Dawn, but that is when the camera cut picture short.


OLPP said...

I like your purse! I just retired a Target wallet, it was bright pink and fun! I love your Flaming Monkeys, too! Awesome!!

Bezzie said...

Nice wallet! My wallet on a string came from Target too.

I dig your Flaming monkeys, I almost had to whip out the shades!

Jen Da Purse Ho said...

your purse is SUPER CLEAN! mine is FILLED w/ receipts!! hahaahah receipts and pens!

cpurl17 said...

Your purse seems well organized--and I have a million pens too!

Cute wild monkey socks!!

Holly said...

Very pretty bag, and your contents look so organized! I'm very impressed.

Disco said...

Hey, I have a B&N badge too :-)
i LOVE your bag, and your monkeys are, well, very bright :-) Isn't it a great pattern?

Aunt Marilyn said...

Hi, Jennifer! I was wondering where all the wadded up tissues were? That's what is ALWAYS at the bottom of MY puse!!