Sunday, September 17, 2006

Yes, I am multitalented. I am not trying to be conceited or anything, but it is a topic that was quite popular this weekend. Saturday, our family participated in the Walk for PKD, which runs in our family.

So, there is our lovely group. So, there I was the knitter of the group and what do I do...I pull out my knitting. Yes, for the 100th time this weekend, I can knit and walk at the same time. I can even go farther and say that I can also talk while doing these things too. Yes, I kept up with everyone (and the conversations) and no, I did not stumble and impale myself with my size 19 bamboo needles.

For those wondering, I decided to knit my favorite idiot knitting scarf. Take Lion Brand Homespun double, CO 12, K until you run out of yarn. Conveniently, this always gives the proper length of scarf, which is why I love it so much. And yes, I did finish the scarf

So, back to the weekend. Checked out a new LYS and found some wonderfully soft baby alpaca laceweight that I can't wait to knit. My Icarus shawl is coming along great; I am almost done with chart 1. Let me tell you...I am in LOVE with my lifeline. If I didn't have it, my Lorna's would be back in the stash already. But I think I finally have it figured out and I am LOVING it.

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