Sunday, September 24, 2006

Happy Sunday everyone!

I trust everyone had a good weekend...and got lots of knitting done! I had crafty weekend with not only Becky, but her mom (whose a potter) and sister (who is working on as a post-doc). We had fun going to LYS and the quilt store. Then we took in the almost-last Texas Ranger game. Yes, we all took our knitting.

Here's an update on my least the ones I can show you. Some are surprises for people, so forgive me for not putting them on. You will see them eventually!

Here is my Icarus shawl. Not as far as I would like, but chugging along, none the less. I have pinned it out a bit to show detail; some of the irregularities will block out...except for the accidental y.o...or whatever it is! :-)

Here are my Jaywalker socks. I was skeptical when I first started these and considered ripping them out. However, the pattern finally began to come out and I really like it! It's really simple and you don't need to pattern for most of it (i.e. easy to remember).


Wendy said...

The jaywalker looks great (and Icarus will block out fine!). I had to rip mine out because they were built for a 2 year old - just a tad small, but they're back on track!


Anonymous said...

Wow- the jaywalker is gorgeous. Thanks for refering me to your blog to see how well the LL does with the pattern.

Very pretty!