Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Swap Goodies!!

My lovely SnB (aka knitting group), DFW Chicks With Sticks, is having a nice dishcloth/stitchmarker swap. Yesterday, I received and lovely bunch of goodies.
Enclosed was a lovely dragonfly washcloth, two Tribbles (which were immediately used to wash Dirty Roomie's dishes), a fun pen, magnetic notepad (immediately used to tell said Roomie to clean her own freakin' dishes), some yummy chamomile tea (needed after dish incident), a super cute notions bag, and said stitch markers.
When the box came, I noticed the return addy (DFW CWS) and excitedly knew what it was. What puzzled me, however, was the FRAGILE marking on the box. I got intrigued. I opened the box to find two layers of bubble wrap (yes, I popped them and yes, I have the pleasability of a five year old) and a multitude of very pretty tissue paper (yes, I saved it! It was perfectly good!).....and this......
.......a lovely wind chime. It is gorgeous to look at and sounds wonderful. It has been appropriately displayed here and will hopefully ward off drunken college students....or at least annoy their hangover!

Super big THANK YOU to my secret person!!!


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wow - cool package.