Thursday, May 24, 2007

Birthday Blog!!

I have offically entered the second quarter of my existance (26).

Okay, my birthday was Tuesday, but I know this. I also waited, hoping that the birdies would hatch, but then I wanted to get a picture of my Columbine plant flowering:

I spent my birthday with my brother (aka MovieMan). He took me out for dinner and a few movies. We had to wait for a while for the movie so we chatted. In plain sight, I had a bag 'o wool, which was for a felted bag I was working on. The bag had about 10 skeins of worsted weight that I was using double for said bag. He comments, "That's quite a bit of yarn there."

I laughed...well, on the inside. Then I took him to my bedroom and showed him my "real" stash.....well, the most used part that is:You can click here to see details.But I digress.....

We went to go see Shrek the Third and Spiderman 3. My reviews? Shrek was entertaining, but doesn't live up to the first two and could be rented with the same result. I will disclaim that I am not a comic reader, so I like Spiderman. It was good, but kind of long, but I think that they used it to tie everything up and therefore will be surprised if there is a fourth. It will be nice if they just leave it as is, but we will see if that actually happens.

I also received Charmed Knits from my super friend, Kerry. Being a knitter and big HP fan, it was a must have. My thoughts....I like having this book. It's kindof like Interweave's 25 Favorite Socks: I could look through all back issues of IK, but it is awfully nice having them all in one place. After much searching of the internet, I could probably found everything in CK. However, I will pose a question to those reading: Which Molly Weasley Sleeves to you prefer? The CK or Fruitcats'? I have been leaning toward the Friutcats pattern, but I haven't really found anyone who has done the CK one. I would appreciate any comments since if I get a job at a bookstore (akaBN), I will probably make this to wear July 21. Plus, I have loved it since the second I saw it in the theater.

I also received a wonderful subscription to IK and VK from my Mommy and Daddy. Saves me from having to stalk my B&N for them to put it out. BTW, Daddy had Lasik today. He's doing okay so far, but I haven't heard how well he is seeing. He had trifocals and couldn't ever get the script right. I feel I am headed that way myself. I got bifocals at 16 and was surprised I didn't get trifocals at my last visit.

Allright, I'll quit rambling....for now......:-)


JD said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! you had a great day it seems! :)
26?? are such a baby. :)

Bezzie said...

Happy birthday!

I couldn't open the link, so I can't give you a good opinion!

I figured as much for Shrek 3, but we'll probably take the kid because we haven't seen a movie as a family in over a year!

chemgrrl said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Oh, it's very special to be a May baby. You were born with the spring!

The columbine is beautiful! I can't believe that you didn't get yourself any yarn, though. Good birthdays always involve good yarn.

I can't open the link, either. It looks like you have an extra "Jo" at the end.

Angela said...

I much prefer the movie version of Molly's sweater.