Monday, May 28, 2007

New birdies!!

Well, most of my birdies have hatched.It may be hard to see, but I have it detailed here. You can only see two heads, but I have seen all four and then there is the late comer still in the egg. It is really cool to be able to really see then up close. The momma bird still comes around. I think it may be a finch.

Not much knitting to report. I have been spinning alot, with the rainy weather. I actually sat out on the porch today with a book. It was a nice rain that was calming. I can't do more than 2-4 rows of my Ene's scarf at one time, I have learned. Of coure, that ranges from 600-1200 stitches. I am still working out some math on the Clessedira socks, so those are still at the cuff.

My SnB and I are working on the Larger Than Life Bag from Interweave Crochet.

We are doing a bit of an acrylic swap for our squares. I have also put up my services as a sewer and zipper attachement expert for the lining. But I think it will be a great bag and wonderful project. It doesn't get much easier than a granny-ish-square.


Jennifer said...

that bag is CUUUUUUTE!!! :)

Bezzie said...

Oh so cute!!! The birdies AND the bag!

Momma Monkey said...

Awwwww, you have new neighbors !! Are they loud? I know kids like to party all night ;)