Friday, May 11, 2007

My To-Do List

We all have it. The big, long list of projects that we want to do. It usually ends up being a very scarey and daunting list. I have a PostIt program on my computer and I created a "post-it" of my knitting projects that I wanted to do. I thought it would be a good reminder, especially to reference when I would be yarn shopping online. After five minutes of listing, I am surprise that the program didn't crash.

A few have yarn already purchased for them, but most of them are still only in my head. Some are quite outside the price range, but those have been specially earmarked as "sale seekers." Some have come from fellow blogger's creation and some have just inspired me.

Here are some of the projects closer to the top of the list (in no particular order)

Hourglass Sweater from LMKG - Check out Leigh's
Scarlet Woman Sleeveless Tank
Icarus Shawl - From IK; It will someday come out of severe timeout
Fetching for ME!!!
Josephine Jacket - I loved it the minute I saw it
Tubey - Ditto, plus a nice little something for us big sholdered gals out there.
Molly Weasley Sleeves - Yes, I will have them done for the movie, book, and I am that big a nerd.
Ene's Scarf - Cast on, but Kerry has kidnapped my book! j/k, I just left it.
Chevron Scarf - Yes, I have been carried by Manda and Tasha
Katheryn Hepburn Cardigan - From Lace Style

...And, my current Holy Grail Sweater.....drool......

This is just a tiny sampling mind you....oh, what's that you say??? No sock patterns??? Oh, yeah, that's only because I want to make them all. There is a reason I have a Lorna's Only drawer in my stash storage.

As to the knitting front, Jayson's hoodie is almost done knitting. I think it is going to be really cute and his mom is going to have to bring him from Virginia so I can see him! All of everyone's children is enjoying their handknits, which makes Auntie Jen very happy. My biggest customer?? My second cousin, once removed.

I have alot of family...ALOT....on both sides. I have always considered everyone aunts/uncles and cousins....and when my cousins had babies they were "little cousins". My "aunt" did a little research on who is technically what and I though I would share it. (all is in reference to me)

My Dad's first cousin (his aunt's daughter) - my first cousin, once removed "S"
Daughter of "S" - my second cousin "J"
Son of "J" - my second cousin, once removed "N"

Get it? Get a glass of wine, it helps.

Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Mommy Day!!

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Bezzie said...

Um, yeah you lost me!!! Cyberspace is a mixed blessing--it's great for inspiration but sometimes it creates too much inspiration!!!