Friday, April 20, 2007

The things you learn from day to day.....

1. Even a laptop can drastically heat up your bedroom.

Small's midnight...I have been trying to get the bloggin' done since 9pm. To get a pattern, I ended up needing to update my Acrobat Reader. No big thing, right? Yeah, I tried to update and it lasted for almost 1.5 hours before crashing., I just reinstalled the whole thing and finished doing my stuff to get ready to blog (uploading pics on flickr, looking up urls, etc.) So, when your computer has been running full on for three hours, it gets a bit warm.
To others, this would mean, eh, I'll blog tomorrow. NOT ME!!! I am bound and determined to get another glass of sherry and blog on! And here I will pose my random question of the day:

Does anyone else have computer knitting? I have a small basket of idiot knitting by my computer just in case of the above. Needless to say, I have another stripe on my HP scarf. Just wondering if I was the only crazy one....

My big acheivement the past week was that I spun and plied the oz of BFL that came with my wheel.

I ended up with about 600 yd of 2 ply, sport weight and it came out super yummy. Here's a better pic. I was really excited about how it came out. It was originally destined to be a Mary Lyle/Opal Handpainted Shawl, but I don't think I have enough. Well see....

2. The only people who aren't crazy for feeling that inanimate objects "speak" to them are fiber folks.

Alot of knitters talk about how a pattern isn't working for them or something keeps coming out wrong. Most of the time, this is the yarn talking to the knitter saying, "I don't want to be this. Make me into something else." Novice knitters don't know this voice and trudge on 10-15 times before giving up. The seasoned knitter learns to respect the yarn and turn it into what it wants.

Several people have asked me if I have named my wheel. I didn't have one picked out, so I figured I would just wait. While I was spinning a few days ago, a name jumped to my mind, it was weird. It is not a name of anyone I know or aspire to know (Ask me about my fish Josh, Donna, Jed, Leo, CJ, Sam and Toby. BTW, don't name a fish Toby...they die immediately). I took this to be my wheel "speaking to me" and telling me her name.....Bethany.

This weekend I am off to a family wedding this weekend, my third cousin, I think. Trust me, our family is closer than it looks. My grandmother and her sisters/sister-in-law bring all the family together for every family event, or just a weekend. So, those super cute little ones I routinely knit for? Yeah, my fourth cousins.

3. People should learn when to know that they are rambling on their blog.

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