Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Gosh, it is Wednesday already???

Here's the Wednesday lowdown




Tuesday night was my first night with a nice little knitting group in Lewisville/Flower Mound. We had a ton of fun and I got to work on Noah's secret present.....but more on that after Saturday!

Tuesday was Jury Duty. I was in a group assigned to a case tomorrow morning. In other words, my Rockin' Sock and I have a date at the courthouse at 8-freakin'-am.

8am has never been a good time for me. Granted, I am not a morning person, but there is something about 8am. I mean, I used to work at a hospital as a phlebotomist and I would have to be at work at 5am. Didn't bother me that much. I was find with 9am chemistry classes in college. But those 8am classes usually entailed me going in my pajama's. Mom, don't look at me like that.... :-)

As some of you know, I gave up buying yarn for Lent. No, seriously....REALLY! I have not bought yarn in 2 weeks....and it has been a struggle, let me tell you.....except after fixing my car for $900...then, I just couldn't afford it! I am a big yarn impulse buyer. That's not to say I buy yarn, willy-nilly. Every single skein has a project planned...I just haven't gotten to it yet. That being said, I still have a TON of yarn....I mean, look at my sock yarn. That was 6 weeks ago, and it has grown.

Hello, my name is Jennifer and I am addicted to yarn....Duh! I am a KNITTER!!! HEAR ME ROAR!!!!


Purse_Ho said...

i'm proud of your restraint on yarn buying. i have NONE. if anything, since the beginning of the year i've been buying more yarn. ack! so good job good job! :)
good luck w/ jury duty. i hope you can knit while you are supposed to be paying attention. :)

J. Denae said...

I gave up ordering online for lent... then in a moment of weakness placed a Knitpicks order. I'll bring coffee to the Yarn-a-holic meetings!

Momma Monkey said...

I totally LOVE Phillipa Gregory !!

I rip thru her books in a day or so, they are so awsome.

Have you read them all? I think my favorite is the new one, The Boleyn Inheritence. I had it pre-ordered for months and finished it the day after I got it !!

weezalana said...

Sock yarn doesn't count as stash. Didn't you get the memo? ;)