Friday, March 23, 2007

Pressie, pressie, I gotta pressie.....

I got my second package from my lovely Scotland SP:

A super cute Noni bag pattern, cute post-its (can't have enough), a cute card and gift tags that she made herself, and 2 skeins of Cotolino. It is a cotton-linen blend that I am super interested to try. And what a crazy color selection...she happened to choose the same color as my favorite sheets. Great job girlie!! petting.....stroking....loving.....the yarn and calling him George. Those who don't get the reference are probably too young to be reading my blog anyway! :-P

This weekend my parents are coming down and we are going to go watch 'my brother's film', i.e. one that he worked on tremendously and has a cameo, which was accepted at the Dallas AFI Film Festival. We are all very excited for him. If you enjoy independent film, I highly recommend going. It is an international festival, but I know that my brother's film was done exclusively in the DFW area.

Fiber spinning wheel yet, but I am hoping that it will ship soon. I am almost ready to turn the heel on my RSC sock. I am ready for it to not look phallic anymore. No, it's not just her.


Bezzie said...

Mmm..that Cotolino looks devine!

Cool news about your brother's film!

Purse_Ho said...

oooh prezzzies!!! ooh you are going to AFI? sweet! :) i hope your brother looks good on film!!

Haley said...

Ah! I found your blog. Oh, how I miss you so, you knitting fool! DC sends its love.