Sunday, March 18, 2007

So much fabric, so little time....
No knitting content today, but I will share some other craftiness. Unfortunately, it won't be my own. This weekend I went to the Dallas Quilt Show over at Market Hall. The quilts were just a gorgeous as ever and continue to amaze me. I went with my friend Becky (yes, sewing weekend Becky), her sister, Shannon and her mom, Vicki.
We had a marvelous time as we did last year, but this year Vicki entered a quilt into the show, and..........she won third place! We were all super excited and proud of her. This quilt was planned meticulously and executed beautifully. Yeah Vicki!!!
As other craftsters know, we can be underestimated and misunderstood. I had made comments to people that I was going to the quilt show this weekend and they, of course, thought I had lost my mind. Folks don't realize what the current crafting community creates nowadays. I know knitters and crocheters get this all the time. I began to see the same attitude towards quilting.

I picked out a few of my favorites to share and to show you what people are up to today.This is a simple pattern called a Double Wedding Ring. These were, and still are, quite abundant. But by choosing, and able to choose, shading colors, you create a whole different look to the pattern. Earlier women didn't have the choices in fabric and textile that we have today. I am certainly not insinuating that they were inferior. Most older quilters, and quilts, could put us to shame!

This was one of my favorites just because it was fun. The background is a tiedyed fabric and the orange objects are fish, swimming. The title of this quilt is "Synchronized Swimming".
The combination of the background fabric, the quilting, and all of the 3d fish made me keep going back to look at this one.
Here are some others that I looked at repeatedly. Some might not find these very remarkable. Nice, but not remarkable. Now, let me put it into perspective. The labels next to them are 5.5" wide. All of the dots of color are individual pieces of fabric. These were some of my favorites in the Miniature Quilt category. The rule is that it cannot be bigger than 18" x 18", but several of them were smaller than that. I looked at these for a long time in amazement. It's like thinking about when people used to knit socks for necessity and did it on 0.5mm needles.
Needless to say, being the masochistic craftster I am, I did find a few patterns for some mini quilts that I fell in love with. I will certainly post the finished product, right before ya'll cart me off to the loony bin.
If you would care to see better pics, check out my flickr photostream.


Manda said...

Wow!! It's like deja vu!! :) Mom and my stepdad went to the quilt show yesterday, and she was showing me pictures... including the green/purple one, which I LOVE, adn the blue/purple wedding ring one, which i also love more than anything in the world, and the blue one you posted, as well as some more. she and my stepdad bought a couple at the auction thing. :)

Momma Monkey said...

Wow !

I used to think I wanted to quilt. But you have to cut out a billion little peices of fabric and then sew them back together. I have NO patience !! I don't even think I can spell it.

I like making knots better :)

k said...

Those are bsolutely gorgeous. I've always wanted to learn how to quilt but am not sure I have the patience.

Bezzie said...

My mom's a quilter and my first trip out of Alaska to the Lower 48 was to a Quilt Show in CA. So yeah I get what you're talking about.

Your friend Vicki's quilt is gorgeous! I really like what she did with the border--very cool!

weezalana said...

Wow, those are amazing! Even more so when you realize how they made them!

Julie in Texas said...

The quilt show was amazing. This was my first one to go to. My mom always went and I never understood the fascination...shame on me!