Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wednesday, Wednesday......

Makes you wanna go watch Addams Family, right? And I have been...



Listening to

Waiting for
...this week. Any good postman mojo that anyone has would be very appreciated.

Oh, I also took a quick run over to Switzerland the other day as well...See!

Look at all of that nice green stuff!! Guys, that's called grass...yeah, I know, I know, ours usually consists of alot of tan and brown, but trust me, there are places where grass is green. This was from my lovely SP in Scotland (HI!) and I absolutely LOVE this postcard. When I pulled it out of my mailbox the first thing I said was, "Wow, that's a pointy mountain." I of course shared the wealth and showed it to my roomie and she said, "Wow, that's a pointy mountain." So,.......isn't it a pointy mountain?

Picked up a round of knitting magazines tonight and I wanted to tell all the knitters I know to pick up the March issue of Simply Knitting. Not only does it come with a handy magnetic needle case (with free needles) but they have a pattern for knitting farm animal toys, INCLUDING SHEEP!!! I was so freaking excited. There are a few other good patterns as well, BTW.

Ok, it has been brought to my attention that my birthday is coming up. If you don't know when it is, I'm not telling! :-P With this information, these individuals have also asked what I wanted. As gift certificates to the stores on the sidebar are ALWAYS welcome, I know that some feel that they need to get specifics. So, knitters, skip the rest of this as I do a little explaining.

*Sock yarn - I like making socks and therefore sock yarn is always appreciated. To make a pair of socks, you need approx. 400yds of sock yarn. Depending on the yarn, this is usually 1-2 balls. I have not met a color of sock yarn that I didn't like....even me. Some brands that I have used and enjoy are: Cherry Tree Hill (1 skein), Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock (2 skeins), Koigu Painters Pallate Merino (KPPM) (2 skeins), Socks That Rock, mediumweight (1 skein) Trekking XXL (1 skeins), and Schaefer Anne (1 skein). These are only suggestions for those that need to be able to ask for something specific. If you happen to find yourself in a yarn store, ask for help. Most store owners are very happy to help you.

*Other yarns - Yarn that I keep on hand and use alot are Cascade 220, Patons Merino Wool, and Plymouth Encore. This would be what you would call my "multi-purpose" yarn. It usually finds itself used in little projects, baby/child items, and when I need just a little bit for putting in a picture in my knitting.

*Books - I have kept my amazon lists, both knitting and general, updated and I am officially putting myself on a "book moratorium" until the summer, so don't worry about me already having something!

*All of the above in null and void if you find me a nice and caring husband and help me win the lottery so that Becky and I can open our tea room/restaurant/yarn shop. Plus, I will guarantee handknitted goods for life.

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Purse_Ho said...

seems to me if you want some presents, you need to tell us when your bday is. hahaahahah!! how old will you be this year?

i liked your wish list. it made me laugh alot. :) mine would be similar. hahaah