Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Socks, socks, and more socks!
I routinely listen to Christine's podcast, Pointy Sticks. If you knit and have never listened, I highly recommend her. She is fixing to celebrate her one year podcastiversary! Congrats to Christine!! For the anniversary, she is running a contest and we, as her listeners, are to blog/chat/comment on knitting socks. I found this a great blogging opportunity to talk about sock knitting and my place in it. So, sit down, grab a glass of wine....wait, go get the wine and THEN sit down 'cause it's gonna be a loooong post...I mean night.

First, for the knitties out there, a little sock yarn pr0n:
First, the Lorna's Laces bunch:MMMMmmmm......Lorna's Laces.............

Next we have som luxury and handpainted yarns:

From L-R, Top-bottom: Zen String, 2 Fearless Fibers, Claudia Handpaint, Koigu, and 3 skeins of Schaefer Anne

And last, but certainly not least:

...the rest: Row of Trekking (including the infamous 100), Wildefoot, Fleece Artist, Knit Picks, Regia Bamboo and Color, Plymouth Sockotta, Lang JaWool, and Cestari Farms.

Yeah, I like socks. I like them so much, guess what my first project was?

Yeah, I made a little square, about 4"x4" and then I casted on a pair of socks......out of Red Heart. Yes, yes, I know, but that was before I knew any better!! Have I worn them? Yes,...but mainly around the house. When I finished the first one, I remember running around the house with it on. I remember casting them on, finishing the first one, then realizing I needed a second one. :-) One of the most solid memory I have of these socks was working on them with my grandfather right before he passed away. I remember sitting with him while we watched the Master's on TV.

I think that is why I love crafting so much. You are able to make an object and have it be a tangable object that can help you to remember certain points in your life. I help to perpetuate this by making things for others, especially my little cousins. I want them to look at these things later and say, "hey, Auntie Jennifer made me that." I have such objects from my younger days and my current ones.

As many knitters will confess, we do not necessarily buy sock yarn with a project in mind. See Leigh's Blog for details. However, there are a few that I have purchased with a purpose in mind. My blue Lorna's is such a yarn.

When I was younger, I wore Keds....all of the time, everyday. I think this stems from my inability to find shoes that fit. Parents, don't ever let your kinds walk on their toes. Trust me, I was subborn. Alright, back to the subject. When we moved back to Texas, I wanted a pair of boots. My mother said I could get some if I never wore the Keds again. I agreed. Fast-forward to five years ago. This was when I started what I call "The Bridesmaid Era". I think it is something you are required to go through in your twenties. So, while doing these weddings, I determined that I was going to wear sneakers at my wedding...and not just any, Keds! Becky as already claimed the right to decorate them with lace. What do you need with wedding sneakers? That's right, blue socks. Now, I just need to find a husband......


Purse_Ho said...

hhaah i plan on wearing flip flops as my wedding shoes....bling bling flip flops. :)

nice sock yarn stash. :) have lorna's laces black purl. are you willing to trade for that? hahaha.

chemgrrl said...

Much to my mother’s chagrin, I wore white converse low-tops to my wedding. I have a picture somewhere; maybe I can dig it up for you.

I am sincerely jealous of your sock yarn stash. I think you are my new hero, and I must work hard to attain equal sock-yarn goddess status. You even have Trekking 100! Ack! I can’t find that anywhere! I’m not worthy!

weezalana said...

Wow, nice stash! I can't wait to see what you're going to do with...well, all of it, but especially the Zen and Claudia's. Those two are on my list to try.

I just got some Trekking 100 in a swap, they may go otn very soon!

Denice said...

I'm just drooling over all your sock yarn. Gorgeous!!!