Thursday, January 18, 2007

"I wonder if 'freezing your ass off' would be considered a good idea for weight-loss."
"I dunno, but I am going to go plop my ass on the pavement."
- actual lunch conversation

Ok, so that's the fun part.

This is what happens when I get optimistic. Murphy comes up to bite me in the ass. Yep, I failed my 6010....but I can retake in the Fall.

So, what do you do? RETAIL THERAPY! Luckily, I didn't have a close-by LYS or I could have done some major damage (Kerry, quit laughing!) I did have a little luck, though, and found Family Circle Accessories and VK Accessoried on the SUPER clearence table fore $5/piece and one of their nice canvas (knitting) bags for $2.

Then went by the grocery store and got a Sara Lee Caramel Applenut Pie. Think apple pie with walnuts and it comes with a nice big packet of caramel to drizzle all over it. Was I supposed to eat it? No. Did I feel better afterwards? Oh yeah.... Come, have some pity pie....

On a lighter note....(make sure it's for 1/17/07)

Yeah, it really happens that the minds of our advisors


Anonymous said...

:( on the 6010, but you'll ace it in the Fall, I have no doubt!

Retail therapy. I'm a big believer. :)

Christine said...

What a bummer on the 6010. At least you have from now until the fall to study, and no one will spring it on you this way!

Dude, where did you get those books so cheap? (There isn't a store name; a bookstore?) Do they have more copies? Are they good books? Do you ship? Do you take PayPal? ;-)

I don't like walnuts, but some plain ol' apple pie would be YUMMY. Not good for the diet though.

Anonymous said...

Aw suckage!!! Were you close at least? Do they let you know what areas you didn't do as hot in so you know for next time?

LOVE that strip! I'm scrolling thru old strips laughing my ass off! I've got to show that to Dr. MS!

chemgrrl said...

:( I'm very sorry. That truly sucks. Hardly anybody I know passed all their cumes on the first try. You are in good company! Plus organic cumes are stupid hard. What's this named reaction? What's that named reaction? List 5374 C-C coupling reactions. Bleah. You'll do better next time. Buck up little camper!

In the meantime: knit socks. Knit cashmere socks.

Purse_Ho said...

sorry on the 6010. you'll get it next time. until then....knit on :)