Wednesday, January 10, 2007

C is for Crazy

...because that's how I feel right now. Yesterday, I learned that my entrance 6010 was going to be Friday morning (see previous post). I then commence to freak out and pull all study material to my house, take the day off work/research, and study till my eyes bleed. I haven't even knitted...that's how serious it is.

I stop for the evening to cook dinner a relax a bit and go check email, blogs, etc. to see what's been happening in the world while I have been in my study cave. Luckily, I brought a glass of wine. I check my email to find out that the test has been pushed to the end of next week. Here is where the wine came in handy.

Now, some would say that is a good thing, seeing as I will have more time to study. True, but that doesn't get me back my sanity....or what little of it I had left. Plus, he made me put aside knitting...and that's just wrong.

So, on to happier things!!

I will admit, I asked to be pegged with a meme by Turtlegirl76. The object is that the sender gives you a letter and you share a bit about yourself using that letter. She lovingly gave me "C"... maybe forseeing me needing something, on with the show! for CHEMISTRY!!!
Ok, yes, I am a big old GEEK. I am a nerd. I accept and embrace it. I have loved chemistry for a long time. My dad is a chemist and ran the NMR lab in his undergrad. I am a chemist and running the NMR lab at my grad, and a little at my undergrad. See a trend?
I have a thing for periodic tables. I have a huge one on my bedroom wall. In fact, that's where I came up with my Knitty/Blog name: YArN KNiTa is a combination of the atomic symbols for Yttrium, Argon, Nitrogen, Potassium, Nickel, and Tantalum.
See, I told you I was a nerd. for CRAFTY.
I have always been into crafts. I have done everything from pottery, painting, sewing, quilting, carpentry, knitting, crocheting, and on and on.... My parents insist that I certainly didn't get it from them, nor from my grandmothers. However, both my great-grandmothers at least crocheted (and maybe a little knitting) and my grandfather is in the construction biz. for COOKING.
...and I mean cooking, not baking. I really like to cook and like to play in the kitchen a bit. Becky and I were roommates for a few years in college. She was the baker. She even makes her own piecrust with no effort at all. But I digress....we were known in our CO-ED dorm (an all-female dorm has WAY too much concentrated estrogen) for housing a ghastly amount of cooking and baking paraphernalia. When we both get rich and can do what ever we want, we plan to open a resturant/yarn shop. Knitting at the table will be encouraged. for CAFFINE
My favorite molecule....hey, I told you I was a nerd. Like most of the world, I am addicted to caffine. It usually takes the form of Diet Dr. Pepper and coffee. A few years ago, I tried to give it up for Lent. I was told by one of my professors not to do it again because I was too....we'll say disagreeable.

Well, that's all I have got. If you wish to be apart of the meme, leave me a comment and I will send you a letter!


turtlegirl76 said...

Oh come on now. I give you an easy letter and you only come up with 4? Pshaw.

A crazy chemist certainly can come up with a cacaphony of clever facts. ;)

Bezzie said...

Ha ha! They told you not to give it up again! Hee hee!

I like the explanation behind your name...very nerdy! (I always wondered what the symbolism was!)

Purse_Ho said...

thanks for stopping by and leaving your blog address so i can spy on you. :) hehehe. wow! i didn't know you were a phd candidate. COOL. :)

Christine said...

So??? How did it go???