Monday, February 05, 2007

I got pressies!!!
I got some lovely things last week, but haven't been able to get pics up. So, heeeeerrre we go!!

This was from my upstream SP, who is over in Europe (I think). They have begun to give me a virtual tour of Europe, since I have never been. We begin in Amsterdam where here we have the nice snow covered canals. I wanna go.....

Several weeks ago, I was chosen as a winner on Amy's blog. Check out my prize!! Here we have a lovely, yummy (sorry Bezzie) skein of lavender sock yarn that she dyed herself and some wonderful smelling peach soap. I was so excited because I don't really have any solid sock yarn and there are just some patterns that you can't do with a varigated yarn.

I also had lunch with my cousin, Julie, this weekend who is the mother of Miss Elizabeth, now proud owner of handknit soakers. Do I have pictures? Of course not....I am not that smart. But they looked really cute on her!

I know my current project list looks out of date, but lately I have just been finishing things too quickly. Trust me, it's a fluke. I have cast on my February socks 4 times (I think I got it right now) and the soakers were knit in like two nights. I just started a Hogwarts scarf and yes, I will be wearing it at the store when I pick up Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on July 21, 2007. For the non-Texans, that means it will be about 100 degress outside and I will be wearing a wool scarf, probably with shorts and a t-shirt.

You forget....I am that nerdy.


Bezzie said...

You'll only be dreaming of those snow covered canals when you pick up your copy decked out in your Hogwart's scarf! Ha ha!

Why yes, that yarn is quite--delicious. Ha ha!

weezalana said...

What a great idea to do a postcard virtual tour of Europe!

That yarn is, pretty!

I'm torn between getting the book as soon as it comes out or waiting to prolong the bittersweet moment when it all comes to an end. The problem with the latter is that I'm sure someone will give away what happens, even if I go all media blackout.