Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy Mardi Gras!!!
For those of you not in a college town, please get a good nights sleep while the rest of us get woken up by the drunken college students coming home at 2-3am.
Guess what I got for Mardi Gras? My first SP package!!!!! Check it out!- Several types of tea...yum.....
- A cute heart ornament (now hanging with my postcards)
- A magnetic needle holder (I call him Norm)

- My first skein of Jitterbug (Blue Parrot)!! I have always loved to Collinette yarns and the colorways, but haven't been able to get a hold of any of this. Here, let's take a closer look:

MMMMmmmm......yarn pron..................

Lately, I have been in an organizational/cleaning mode. For those who know me, this is a wonderous statement. I have almost gotten to the point of being able to walk in my room, to my desk, or to the bathroom and be walking on carpet. Yeah, guys, it's that bad. Not dirty, but as my mother would/has put it, I have alot of crap. I tend to agree with her. I have begun a MAJOR cleanout to separate the crap from the stuff. I think I have been watching too much Oprah. Once it is all picked up, I plan on doing my closet, ala Christine....except for the wooden hangers. I do at least have all matching plastic hangers. Check out my new needle vase....see if you can find Norm:

My great personal news for the day is that I finally bought a new skillet! Ok, for those not in the know, a little background. My good ol' skillet finally bit the big one. Most of the Teflon had flaked off and it was getting hard to tell the difference between the pan and burnt-on food. I was not looking for something specific. I wanted a 10' pan, with straight sides, Teflon and a lid. In our family we call this the "Hamburger Helper" pan. Should not be that hard!!! I have spent a YEAR looking for something.

Today, I went to Target for some more plastic drawers that I keep my yarn in (I am up to nine, not including the bookcases in the living room). I thought I would just see what they had and there it was....no, there THEY were. I even had a choice. It was nice......okay, you go cook on my old pan for a week and see how you feel about a new one!!


Christine said...

Guess what else you got for Mardi Gras? You WON a prize in the Pointy Sticks Podcastiversary contest! Send me your mailing address so we can get it out to you! (Details on what you won posted on the site shortly!)

weezalana said...

Oooo, Jitterbug. It's so squishy and soft!

Yay for a new pan! :)

Purse_Ho said...

me loves jitterbug. :)

i'm the same as you....i have lots of crap. i need to organize and get rid of stuff...slowly but surely .:)