Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!

First, a small rant. I have been arguing with flickr and blogger for over two hours now. It's unreal. Apparently, VD is a big blogging day. I figured I would going to end up doing this tomorrow, but I though, "okay, I'll try once more before I go to bed and that's it." So, of course, it worked.
On to happier things!!!

First, a little shout out to Miss Leigh, I am going to "borrow" her Wednesday tradition, just to give you an idea of what I am:

I spent my lovely, single VD by coming home, reheating some Olive Garden leftovers (the Tuscan Garlic Chicken is sooooo yummy), a glass of wine, a little Audrey Hepburn, and of course some pink knitting. Since I finally got some more needles in, I have started the second soakers for Miss Elizabeth in some Cascade (color 5012). It's actually lighter IRL.
Got mail with NO BILLS!! WOO HOO!!! And it included some fun things like a lovely card from my parents and the second postcard from my SP!!!

One our second stop on our virtual tour of Europe, we are in lovely Florence, ITALY!!!! Here we see the famous Il Duomo - Cattedrale de Santa Maria del Fiore. Here, explore!! It's fun!! Someday, someday.....

I took a turn from Bezzie and ran to the thrift shop the other day, I have gone other times, but this was in search of knitterly things. I did find a nice, cotton sweater that I loved the yarn on. I plan to unravel it and make something more for Texas weather. A 7lb cotton sweater ain't one of them.

And then I heard a small wimper. I searched and searched and I finally found a cause. A poor, defenseless, handknit, argyle sweatervest. It looked so sad, and unloved, so I decided that I would give it a good home. I retrained it into something everyone would appreciate.

(Okay, like I and I were having a disagreement. I will attempt to reupload later.)

The dark diamonds are actually a dark red, but doesn't it look nice and happy?!? I wanted to preserve the argyle because I know how much hardwork went into it. And all for $2.

Speaking of cheap, checkout my needle holder, ala pieKnits:

I used the clothespin stand things for the larger needles and I think it will go up to a US13. Now I just need to find all of my needles........


chemgrrl said...

Hey, it wasn't my idea. I stole it from Manolo (

Kinda fun though, eh?

Purse_Ho said...

nice job on the bag!!! :) OOOOH! that needle holder thing is hilarious. i don't know if i could make one to hold all my crap though. grrr. :)

get off the blogger bandwagon and move to wordpress! it's free....and less issues. I had to hop from blogger to wordpress and my life has been better since! :)

weezalana said...

Wicked is one of my favorite books (even before it became a musical)!

Love the new bag, and the cheapass circ holder is brilliant!