Monday, December 25, 2006


.....It's the mooost wonderful tiiiiimmmmmme....of the yeeeeeaaarr!!!!!

I love Christmas, if you can't tell. I am currently at my grandparents house, so no pictures, but a little update.

The Brea Bag is 95% in I finished knitting it right before I got one the road, so it needs to be sewn together and a handle attached.

I finished my Jaywalkers....and they will be worn tomorrow on our family trip to Las Vegas. I need good vibes from ya'll.....I need yarn money....and maybe a spinning wheel......sush!....don't tell Mom!....she thinks I have enough "crap" :-P j/k Mom!!

My next socks are the Simple Stripes Fair Isle socks from KnitPicks. Those will get casted on on the 4.5 hour drive back to DFW for our flight out.....woo....hoo...

Everyone loved their knitted gifts, which was nice. I made some felted slippers for my parents and my Dad has been wearing them all day....bless him....and I made my brother a "fake isle" hat, to which he was grateful, but gave me construction tips for next time.

Allright.....must go back to packing up and trying to fit all of my liquids into a quart size ziploc.


Bezzie said...

I love belting that song out!!

Good luck in Vegas!!! Maybe you can win more "crap" playing at the craps table? Hee!

Anonymous said...


My boyfriend and I did Vegas last year for New Years. So much fun!! HINT: We had more $$ luck on Fremont Street than the strip. PLUS, the NYE celebration on Fremont Street is AWESOME!!