Saturday, December 30, 2006

I'M BAAAAACK!!! - Part Three

Being loved by knitterly people....for no reason other than you knit.

And last, BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST!!! I got my first RAK today!! The wonderful Momma Monkey from Hawaii sent me a lovely package: (details) For non-knittys, an RAK is a random act of kindness. Someone from the board can send you a package just to be nice and brighten the day of a lovely knitster. Thank you so much!!

Turns out, Momma Monkey was my Winter SP!! But the same thanks go none the less!!


Momma Monkey said...

Well, actually, it was your Winter Cheer SP package :)

I'm so glad you finally got it !!

I realized after I sent it that it was late for the reveal date (my kiddos were sick and I was waiting on the KP's order) and they I kept checking the Winter Cheer Thread wondering if you ever figured out who I was.

So I checked your blog and saw you were on vacation out of town for the Holiday...

I was about to PM Egeria to ask if you thought I had forgotten about you !!

And oh yeah, my Son and I made those ornaments for all our friends and family this year, so iffin' ya were wondering.

Bezzie said...

Very cool! I love that yarn--great colors and very "telling" of Momma Monkey! ;-)