Saturday, December 30, 2006


Off to Vegas.......I'm leaving on a jet plane........

These are the Jaywalkers I finished and wore them on the way to Vegas. Hey, how many of you can say you have a piture of your knitting in the DFW airport? :-P

Here is the first thing that catches my eye:

This is the Christmas tree in front of Caesar's Palace. It has fiber optics in it and constantly changed was awesome.

I didnt' get much knitting time in Vegas except on the ride there and back. I casted on the Fair Isle socks from Knit Picks, which is what I am working on here:

For those of you who have never been to Vegas, yes, those are slot machines in the the airport. We finally got into Vegas at 6:30am Friday morning. For those of you who live anywhere from Austin to Gainsville, you can bet how fun that was. We had huge storms cxome through and the turbulance was awful.

Back to I mentioned the Fair Isle socks:

They were coming along nicely, until I noticed something....they were coming out too SMALL!!!! All of that Fair Isle....wasted.......However, after I got done cursing up a storm, I noticed something else...they fit my hand NICELY! So, they are now fingerless gloves. No, of course they were never going to be socks....that was me fooling, yeah!

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Bad Amy said...

I love your Jaywalkers... I'm still working on mine. Late to arrive, late to leave the Late To the Jaywalker Party ;)