Friday, December 01, 2006

Home Stretch....
...both for holiday knitting and school, both to which this blog is dedicated. Next week is Dead Week and then my one final is next Tuesday. I am ready for my class to be OVER!!! But I won't rant....yet....

Ok, I will probably curse myself by saying this, but I will do it anyway....the holiday knitting is acutally on schedule and coming along nicely....but another snow day wouldn't hurt either. I promise to have the pictures posted ASAP...I know Sarilyn is waiting patiently. :-)

Tomorrow, I am off to help Kerry grade two sets of exams and then we will be bums by knitting and finally felting her purse she finished last week. I will post pictures when I return.

Since my blog disaster a few weeks ago, I think I have finally put everything right. I had forgotten my yarn store links, which are now in place. So, you know, if anyone needed a gift certificate, 'bout them Cowboys?

Hope everyone is staying warm!!!

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