Friday, February 01, 2008

Get me out of this crazy thing!

Yeah, so that how I have felt the past....what.....good Lord, 2 weeks? I got sucked in for two weeks?!? That's just crazy.... For those of you not aware, here's what went down.

Last time, which was a Thursday, that I had begun the armholes, done the decreases, and went on to the straight knitting portion. (You see it coming, don't you?) Since I had a few free days off, I felt confident stating that I would finish that up during the weekend. I was just going to fly through that portion and have it done and ready for posting the next week, along with the sleeves half-knitted. (Can you here it?) You see, underlying these ASSumtions, here's what was in the subliminal messaging:


Yeah, I got smacked upside the head by the Knitting Goddess. And I felt it too....right between the eyes, it was. First, I'm chuggin' along at Knit Night and I'm working on a cable row,

"Alright, slip off those three stitches (cause I'm being spiffy and not using a cable needle), knit the next three...wait, that last one is a purl.....Why do I only have five stitches in this cable.....where did the sixth one go?"

Where was that elusive sixth stitch? At the last cable crossing.....10 rows down. Yes, there were several expletives in the middle of Starbucks, why do you ask? I then spend the evening dropping the five stitches down ten rows, do the cable properly with all SIX stitches, then pick them back up ten rows.

Then I went and had a drink.

It was a rough time for CPH and I, but we trudged through it......until I began to pull out the measuring tape.

"Okay, I've got about 4.5" here and I need 6.5"....... Each 10-row repeat is about 2"....... so one more repeat should do it."


Yeah, I got sucked into the mother of all knitting black holes. I just kept knitting and knitting and it wasn't getting ANY LONGER!!!! I finally put the knitting down, went and sacrificed a rubber chicken to the Knitting Goddess, begging for forgiveness for transgressions. In my more enlightened state of mind, I went back, knitted two rows and had reached my goal.

And I give you, the body of my Central Park Hoodie:

And yes, I immediately cast on both sleeves.

*This is a quote from one of my favorite movies of all time.....what, you think I'm gonna tell you if you don't know?!?


weezalana said...

Ah, but then the smitee becomes the smiter! ;) Looks great so far!

turtlegirl76 said...

It's looking great though! Well worth the trouble. Just challenge yourself to get more and more creative with your expletives and it will shock the Knitting Goddess into submission. I promise.

chemgrrl said...

Oh dear. I feel your pain. I think I screwed up one of the sleeve caps on my CPH, but I don't really want to go look. Yours is looking faboo, though! The sleeves go quick. I swear. :)