Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Single's Awareness Day!

....THE day where you are more aware of your singleness than any other day. This is followed at a distance by Christmas and Thanksgiving, when your family asks why you aren't married yet.

Since I am not supporting the greeting card, jewelry, or chocolate industry, some single friends and I are going to go support the fermented beverage and sushi industry. Yeah, wrap your head around that one.

Knitting is progressing at a comfortable pace. I am about a quarter of the way through the hood and still have a week of knitting left. I have been on a button hunt, but have so far be unsuccessful. I have a feeling that this may get worn for a while without buttons. Buttonholes, yet, but no buttons.

Isn't that a knitting fashion trend?


Bezzie said...

But why share it with Valentines Day? SCREW THAT! Sharing sucks! (hee hee!) Make it February 13--BEFORE Valentine's and on a day all to yourself.

Jo said...

I love it!

JD said...

HAHAHAHAHAH you are hilarious. single awareness day. you are correct. :)

i went up to the shop and knit...and ate some cake...omg...Weight watchers doesn't like that. :) but it was great gabbering w/ all those ladies. :)

chemgrrl said...

Hey, I didn't get flowers, chocolates or jewelry either and I'm married! I got a card with a pig on it. Um.

Good luck with your button quest. I think we *should* start a trend, wearing our CPHs open. Cux mine doesn't have a zipper yet, either. Yarg!

weezalana said...

LOL! BTW, it doesn't change after you get married. The question simply changes from why aren't you married yet to why haven't you had kids yet. Great fun.

Check Etsy for buttons, they have some great ones floating around!