Monday, February 11, 2008

Really? REALLY?!?

Good News: The sleeves are done! So, the body and sleeves are now blocking and I will start the hood tomorrow. I am not going to state my expectations 'cause I am just trying to keep my head down. But, let's just say I am leaving for a trip in 10 days and I am hoping to take this sweater in fewer pieces than it is currently in.

Annoying News: I call is annoying 'cause it wasn't really BAD, just annoying. Look what I ran into when I was three rows from finishing one of the sleeves:Yeah, I hit the end of the ball, the ONE, FULL ball I used for the ENTIRE sleeve, three rows before the end. Like I said, not bad, just annoying.

Thanks for all of the get-well wishes. I am feeling much better. Let's call it's like a recovery period. Apparently it is something that's been going around. I have several culprits of who gave it to be, so I will chock it up to one of those "things". This Monday was better than last Monday for I am hoping that had been true for everyone!


chemgrrl said...

Woo hoo! I say that's good timing, on the yarn running out thing. You have enough left for the hood, right?

Bezzie said...!! Man that sucks, three rows from the end!

But it's looking good!

Glad you feel better.