Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I should really train for this.....

(What is with me and ellipses......anyone else notice I use a lot of those?)

Alright, so it's, what......11:15PM CST and I have had to put the hoodie down. Since Monday night, I have Kitchenered the hood (more on that later), picked up and knit the button band, and woven in any extraneous ends. The only thing missing are the sleeves.

And I have to stop.

You know when you knit too long and your hands start cramping? Usually you take a break for an hour or so, do some stretches and whatnot. Normally, I would have. But I am on a deadline people. I have a flight into Albuquerque in the morning and I am planning on walking off the plane in this sweater.

So, I push through the pain like one of those crazy athletes. Seriously, you need to train to be able to knit this long. We should have training camps for "Athletic Knitting". And what happens went you push too hard through the pain? You end up having to type most of a blog post with one hand.

Yeah, yeah, all will be better in the morning, but how freakin' anti-climatic is it to be so close and you physically can't do it?

Yeah, okay, so maybe some of this is the after affects of a couple of Venti Fraps and a large soda combined with slight sleep deprivation. But I digress......

See you on the flip side......I'll be the crazy one in an airport terminal sewing sleeves onto a sweater.


Bezzie said...

Oh man!!!!

Good luck finishing it in the terminal!

chemgrrl said...

Oh, be careful. I wouldn't push it if I were you. You don't want a knitting injury to knock you out of commision!

Christine said...

Be nice to your hands! Ask me how I know that you should do that? ;-)