Thursday, January 17, 2008

Look! A place for an armwarmer!

Yeah, so the whole "blogging more" resolution has kinda gone down the toilet (unlike some of Bezzie's stuff), but finishing the Central Park Hoodie is progressing nicely. I have started on the armholes and I am hoping to finish this part this weekend.

I am really liking knitting this pseudo-in-the-round. It is really nice when doing the armhole decreases. One thing I noticed that could be trouble and I wanted to mention. The back is knit longer in the back than the fronts. This could be a problem when you get going, trying to finish. Now, this would not be a problem if, you know, you read the instructions. But that would just be silly......


IrishgirlieKnits said...

I love the color you picked for your CPH! Looks great so far!

And I'm not sure there are a lot of us out there that could be as entertaining as Bezzie...we can only hope :)

Bezzie said...

Ha ha, instructions schmenstructions! It's looking really good! CPH is a fave of mine to see other people knit but know that I'll never have the patience to knit it myself ;-)