Thursday, January 03, 2008

FOs (and a WIP) on parade!

Okay, so I know that one of my resolutions was to blog more and it's taken me three days to blog but I have an excuse! Really! I had to hunt down an undocumented FO and get a picture. Yeah, I wanted one, but this has the funniest story!

We had a Secret Santa at work and got the lovely Megan (Interestingly, one of THREE at a store with about 25 employees). She has always appreciated my knitting (as have most of my coworkers) so I decided to knit her a scarf and some Fetchings:Pattern: Fetchings from
Yarn: Lion Brand Vanna's Choice in #142 (Pink)
Needles: US6
Mods: Added extra cable on the knuckle end and subbed regular BO

This was my first venture with this yarn. I am "Meh" about it. I wanted some LB WoolEase, but I couldn't find any in pink, which is her favorite color. The yarn also didn't seem to wear very well. She's had these about a month and they are already very pilly. But the good part is that it means she wears them all the time.....even to Starbucks. Read the linked post....well, scroll down to "Knitspotting) It's hilarious!!!

While I was at it, I knit myself a pair:Pattern: Fetchings from
Yarn: LB WoolEase in Avocado
Needles: US6
Mods: Add cable round at knuckle end and subbed regular BO

When doing these, make sure you do a tight-ish BO. On my other glove, I did a looser BO, like a usually do, but it rolls down the hand a bit. So I did my BO tighter on the other one and liked it much better.

My next resolution was to finish my Central Park Hoodie. It is progressing well and I am not even close to getting tired of knitting it yet!
To eliminate some of the seaming, I am knitting the sweater pseudo-in-the-round and then I will split it off when I get to the armholes. The hardest part is getting the right color of the yarn! It's a bit darker than I have been able to get photographed. Otherwise, I am loving it and MAYBE (fingers crossed) I might finish it before going skiing in February.....but, we'll see.

My favorite tool in this sweater is my row counter bracelet:
Normally, you just push the beads along, counting your rows. But to keep track of what row I was on in the repeat, I put one marker after ten beads (# rows in repeat) so once I got to the marker, I knew to start over again. I added another marker with a claw clasp to snap on in case I needed to stop in the middle of a repeat to keep my place. It works really well....thought I'd share.

Next, we'll have a little yarn pr0n!!


Manda said...

OMG... SEE?? You really ARE "That Girl from Denton"!! ;)

Love the Fetchings & your CPH progress. :D

weezalana said...

Great job on the Fetchings! And isn't the CPH fun? Can't wait to see how yours turns out!

Bezzie said...

Aw suck, VC's yarn pills? Ah well, I've had the same luck with Woolease, so I guess my Christmas knitting is a wash. It's funny you went w/VC because you couldn't find pink in WE. That's why I went w/it too--but for different colors!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

The fetchings look great!! That pattern is quite addicting!

Great job on the CPH too!

Regina said...

I love Diana G! I read all the Outlander books (and I'm excited to hear there'll be another), and I've only just found the Lord John books, b/c a girl at my Friday S&B has Lord John & the Private Matter (which I understood to be out of print) but she's going to lend it to me (much to my joy and lightheartedness) so I can read it. I just love DG's style! I hope she'll write a finisher story for Roger and Bree! :)

Carissa said...

Well, apparently I didn't frighten Megan enough to make her stop wearing her Fetchings. That's good. And you two are still on speaking terms? Also good.