Thursday, March 27, 2008

One thing after another....

Hold on, I need a class of the Easter bunny brought me.....such a good bunny......

The maintenance guys came by on Monday, along with "third-party" plumbers. They were still working at 6pm when we last spoke. At 7pm, they were still there with the water off and, well, frankly, I had to pee. So I went up to work to see people and knit and drink tea (and pee). I went back home at 9pm to find one of the maintenance guys still there. The plumbers still hadn't fixed it so it wouldn't leak with the water on. To which I say, "Hey, you are a plumber and your job is fixing pipes. So you basically suck at your job."

The maintenance guy was trying to rig something up so that they could turn the water back on. He leaves about 9:30pm with it rigged up to where it's only leaking a little. He pulls a 30-gallon trashcan in there to catch the water so that I don't have to worry about it over-flowing or anything. That was nice of him (*rolls eyes*). I am dreading waking up to full-blown water gushing into my closet. Meanwhile, all of my stuff gets to stay on my bed and I sleep on the couch.

Tuesday rolls around and I get up from a restless night on the couch and go to work. When I get home, they had at least finished fixing the leak. There is still a hole in the ceiling, but it's not dripping water. They say it will be a while before they can come fix the whole so I can put my stuff back in my closet. WOO HOO, a night in my bed, which is good 'cause I am tired.

I head over to a work friends' house to watch a bit of The West Wing and go see my Chicks. I then get a call from my friend about 11pm that her brother was just killed in a hit-and-run. I please ask that you keep them into your prayers. It has been a rough and traumatic time for them. I obviously went over there and helped her out while her husband made arrangements for them. I ended up home around 1am, forced out after she realized I had to work in the morning! Seriously, she practically shoved me out the door.

Ah, Wednesday, good ol' Hump Day.....but it feels like a Monday.....after a long weekend of binge drinking. I get through work and head down to downtown Dallas for dinner with my mom, aunts, and my brother. There is loud music playing the whole way there, trying to vent frustrations and get in a good mood. The restaurant is one block off of the highway I start out on. Keyword is "start out on". The brain stops functioning and I end up going about 20 miles out of the way before I realize what I did. (For those around me, I was going to the West End, right on 35E and for some freakin' reason I took 635 to 75 before I realized. I have no idea where I was going.)

When I finally got there, I had me two of the BEST margaritas I have ever had. 'Nuff said. But it is short I get home around 9:30pm I get a message from my apartment complex that they are coming by Thursday morning to patch up the whole, which means I have to take the crap BACK out of my closet....before I go to work at 7am, or sleep on the couch, again. Not to mention (actually, something that I HAVEN'T mentioned), I am working on a promotion and my interview is the next day after work. You know what I say? SCREW THAT!!! I leave them a message saying that I will not have my closet emptied, do not want them patching the whole tomorrow, and I will come by after everything to schedule an appropriate time. So I sleep, and all is well.

So yeah, my interview was supposed to be today, but she had to call and reschedule for tomorrow morning. Which kinda put an anti-climatic feeling on the whole day.....and I looked really cute too. So, I am drinking Easter wine....and it tastes good.


Miss Knotty said...

Good God, woman!

Phew! Well, I hope you enjoy your wine, and I'll see you soon. I hope they get the hole patched and I hope you get a promotion! Goooo yarnmoney!

Miss K, who feels ya.

chemgrrl said...

Man. You've had a week. I think you've totally earned your Easter Bunny wine. And speaking of that, do you think you could talk said bunny into coming around to my house again? All he left last time was a *milk* chocolate bunny and some Peeps. Ick.

weezalana said...

That's quite a week! Hopefully the bunny wine is helping.

Okay, that sounds really, really wrong...