Monday, March 24, 2008

It's like sliced bread.....

I have weird feet. Really! I do.....check 'em out.
This is the product of walking on my toes for......well, a long time. I was thwarted repeatedly for it, but it was too ingrained in my brain to not walk this way. Although, I think it's kinda cool that all of my toes are the same length. Having these nice, extra-wide feet makes shoe shopping a horrid affair. This is why I love me some flip-flops. Would love to wear them all-year round, which in Texas, is easy to do. It's hard enough finding comfortable shoes that fit, much less ones that are work appropriate. Let's just say that flip-flops aren't work appropriate!

I have tried to talk the boss man into letting us wear black Crocs, but the whole "holey" thing just wasn't working for him. So what did I do? Found some without holes!These are my new best friend. All the cooshieness of Crocs with the coverage of good ol' work shoes. The first few days I wore them for about 9 hours straight, all of it on my feet. They did rub a bit, like all new shoes do, and they "exfoliated" the crap out of my feet. But after that little breaking in period, they are like butter. They form-fit to my foot without squishing them. If you are on your feet all day, running around, you HAVE to get a pair of these. They come in several different colors and I got them at Dillards for about $34. Doesn't get much better than that!

Well, shoe wise at least. Right now I am wondering where I am sleeping tonight. Why am I wondering? Check out my bed.See? And ya'll think I am exaggerating when I say I have a lot of crap. This is everything from my closet. So why is it on my bed instead of actually in the closet? Well, let's take a look at the ceiling, shall we?Yeah, I got a nice lil' leak going on. Luckily, it was slow enough and right in the center of the ceiling so it didn't get on anything. The problem is that this is still how it is at......6:00pm. And it's still not fixed and it leaks when the water is on. Which means that the water will be off for quite some time. I have been assured this will all be fixed by tomorrow, but that still leaves me sleeping on the couch without a shower in the morning.

But I have comfy shoes...... :-)


Jen Da Purse Ho said...

i love crocs. LOVE LOVE! yours are super cute. your feet are funny only b/c they are all the same length! i've never seen that before! hahaha

good luck w/ the leak. :(

chemgrrl said...

Cute shoes! I'll bet they look great with handknit socks. :)

Sucks about the leak, yaaar. Can you put a bucket beneath if you want to brush your teeth or something?

Bezzie said...

Hm, I love mary janes, but I don't love those shoes really tear me apart ;-)

Suckage on the leakage!

Miss Knotty said...

I hope you get the leak fixed too! WTG on the cute shoes front - I second the awesome with socks motion, too. :)

Miss Knotty, who misses the Rockstars, but has TOO TOO MUCH going on to even think about escaping to knit (but thinks about it, and tries to escape anyway)

Miss Knotty said...

Did your leak get fixed?

Eryn said...

I love those shoes!

Good luck with the leak - hopefully the couch is comfy.

Seán said...

if only your pinkies were a little longer... =P