Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Crazier things have happened.....

I have never been much for the whole New Year's resolution thing. I usually don't make them, but when I do, I usually don't succeed. Three months ago (ish), I made my Knitting New Year's Resolutions. Let's take a look at how they are going:

1. Finish my Central Park Hoodie - Done! I promise!! Buttons are on and I have worn it in public with them on. I have been having trouble getting pictures taken, but tonight is Knit Night, so I am sure one of my Chicks will help me out there.

2. Knit socks for my Mom - So, I have had this yarn, actually picked out by my Mom, for over a year and she still doesn't have a pair. Well, we are going to fix that!These are complements of a snow day, a day off and the Third Season of The West Wing. Really gets the mojo going. These are going to be knee-high Dublin Bay Socks done in Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock in Black Purl. I adjusted these to be toe-up so that I can utilize every scrap of yarn 'cause I only got three skeins. These are also my first toe-ups and my first done on two circulars. I haven't quite decided if I like the two circs but I really like the toe-up.

3. Knit Hats - This one was a long shot. The plan was to have hats knitted up for our ski trip. I did get one knitted up for me, but Mom and Dad kinda got shafted. I was hoping to have my CPH knitted faster so I could make said hats. We'll put that one off for the next ski trip.

4. Blog more - I think I have been doing pretty well on this one. Speaking of blogging, here's some!This was a shot from the Sticks 'N Stitches game on Sunday night, Dallas Stars vs. Colorado Avalanche. We won 3-0 and kicked some ass along the way. That was my first NHL game and it was a good one. Unfortunately, that was the only picture I took all night. I had worked on getting a picture of the group, but the logistics just weren't there. Hell, there were logistics required for getting in and out of seats. Let's just say you had to like the person next to you!


weezalana said...

Looks like you've done very well with your knitting resolutions! Better than erm... some people... *whistles and looks away*

chemgrrl said...

So you got buttons, eh? Well I'll believe THAT when I see it.

Bezzie said...

I wanna see a modeled CPH!

It still blows my mind that anyone in Texas can ice skate ;-)

Jo said...

I love the colours and striping in your sock - they look socks I would love to wear ;)

Miss Knotty said...

I was there! I saw you! Like, in public, not knitting (at the time!) Hee! It's like a sickness. Anyway, Hi again! Thanks for the work shoe love! I'm going to add you to my blog roll.

To Bezzie: Most of the guys on our hockey team are not Texan. Some/Most of them aren't even American. Heh.

Miss Knotty