Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Pi Day!!!

Yes, I am a geek, but you know this? What is pi day? March 14....3-14.... pi=3.14..... There we go! And it took me a while to find greek pi in the system....stupid HTML.....and then blogger wouldn't accept it. Poo!

In celebration, I would like to serve a little humble pie to a little someone who didn't actually believe I got buttons.....

BEHOLD!!!Pattern: Central Park Hoodie from KnitScene Fall '06, also available on
Yarn: Plymouth Encore in #1444 (I think I used 7 skeins)
Needles: US6 and US8
Size: 40" (for the TMI of the day, my bust is 41.5")
Buttons: From Village Wools in Albuquerque, NM

Notes: The body is 1.5" longer than the pattern - I just wasn't paying attention! I Kitchenered the hood together, from front to back. First, this turned out a lot better than I thought. I was expecting the purls to look different, but they don't really, or I can't tell. Second, the back part ended up very pointy, but I think it will just leave it alone. I also added some reinforcement along the neck and shoulder edge to give it some stability via the Harlot.

Next time: I will add another button. I would on this one if my buttons weren't a 12 hour drive away. I also want to do my hood a bit different. I want to see about working decreases so that I can carry the back cable up to the top of the hood so it looks prettier when you aren't wearing it.

This did get some snow time in NM and a lot since I got back. The yarn is wonderful. It knitted up a lot softer than it was in the skein. Encore has definiately won in my book. It's other good quality.....cheaper than all get-out. I made this sweater for about $50, including buttons (which were $10, but so freakin' cute.)


weezalana said...

It's fabulous! Looks fantastic on you, and those buttons rock!

chemgrrl said...

Eeeeee! They're widdle faces! SO cute. And okay, they exist. I'll admit it. Anyway, I like pie. Or pi. Whichever.

Bezzie said...

I agree, those buttons were worth it. Great modeled shots!

Beverly said...

It looks great on you. The buttons are way cool. I love Encore too, but I've never used it for a sweater - yet.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

It looks great on you! Well done!! And I love the buttons! Just perfect!

Jo said...

It looks fabulous on you - what a wonderful job!

Miss Knotty said...

Those buttons are awesome! Love.

See you soon,
Miss K