Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ahh...the official post-Thanksgiving post...lets start at the beginning, shall we?

First, I finished my four pair of Fetching for my mother's coworkers. A nice pic is uploaded on the left! With those done, it is on to the Christmas knitting!! Of course, it can't be discussed too much! But the knittyheads know what I am making and for who! :-P

So, wonderful traditional Thanksgiving was going wonderful. The Dallas Cowboys won on Thursday, which was wonderful. Maybe I haven't been paying attention for a while, but it seemed like a surprise to me THAT they won...then I watched them play. 'Nuff said..

Then began Black Friday, which I certainly didn't go out in. I stayed in and grazed on leftovers...

...hmmm....leftovers.....Sorry, back to business. Wonderfulness all around, nice plate of leftovers, friends and family, so let's add some football!

...the downfall of the joyfulness....We tend to be a UT family. A tradition that I can remember from WAAAY back is watching the UT vs. A&M game on Friday afternoon, while munching on leftovers. Rooting for UT, as we do, is usually quite nice because we tend to win...except for this year. We lost 12-7 because our QB wasn't 100% and, I will admit (sorry Lewis), that A&M played a great game. You would think that regaining the feeling in your throwing arm just last week would mean that you still weren't 100%. Thus endith the rant....and yes, the Texas flag is at half-mast.

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it's time for CHRISTMAS!!! And Santa brought me my first gift!!

Yummy roving sent by my lovely Aunt and Uncle who are in the wool biz. This was just something she had stashed, but I am working on trying to find out exactly what kind it is quite yummy!

My friend Kerry, of the Kerry Bag, was quite the buzy bee and since she is, sadly, blogless, I will toot her horn! She finished her bag in record time...I hadn't even taught her to cast-off yet...she had bog panels still on needles when I came by! We then cranked out some i-cord for handles using a wonderful thing for the i-cord haters out there...Embellish-Knit. I will admit, you have to have a little patience with it at the start, but even if I only got it to work for this project, it was worth it (~$8 with 50% off coupon). I should mention that for this bag you need two straps of i-cord measuring 46" a piece. That's 92" of i-cord people. And we finished it while watching a movie.

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Christine said...

Can't say I blame you for using the machine to make the i-cord - 92" of that stuff would drive me batty!

Glad you had a good thanksgiving, and, uhm, sorry about that football game.