Tuesday, July 03, 2007

What's that wet stuff falling from the sky?

All right, ya'll. This is crazy. When you think of Texas, what do you think of? Cactus, horses, dirt (especially if you have ever been to Lubbock), sun, sun, BLAZING SUN? Yeah, it's hot in Texas, especially in the summer.

I grew up in West Texas where there has been a drought for, what, 15 years? I know that there have been water restrictions for at least that long. (West Texas is basically the "desert" part of Texas, for you non-Texans.) I then moved to North(east) Texas to go to undergrad and I did encounter this mystical occurrence called "rain". They had a couple of weeks there where a nice shower was not unexpected. It was nice....stuff actually GREW!

And now we come to 2007 - The Year of The Rain. Holy crap guys....in the past 4 months, we have had maybe 7 days where it didn't rain. And I ain't talkin' that sissy rain either. I'm talking 3-4 inches in an hour. No where in my wildest dreams would I think that we would have a daily threat of flooding. It was just a few weeks ago when the Gainesville/Sherman areas flooded. That made the national news and it was about 30 miles from me.

Which brings me to my now daily observance:Freakin' 'Shrooms....fields of them all over. These also ain't sissy 'shrooms, these are Texas-Sized 'shrooms.And what pops up quicker than a 'shroom when it rains?A random FO!!

Pattern: Amanda's Squatty Sidekick
Yarn: Cascade 220 (Black) and Paton's Merino Wool (Bright Red)
Needles: Denise US10
CO: 7/1/07 BO: 7/3/07
Mods: I did 6" of i-cord on the handle, instead of three. Next time I will probably add another 2", just for me.
Striping: Of body, replace this for Rnds 12-26 (all K)
Rnd 12&13: Black
Rnd 14&15: Red
Rep rnds 12-15 two more times
Rnd25&26: Black
The button I just needle-felted....and I only stuck myself once!

The pattern states that you can knit it today and use it tomorrow and she ain't kiddin'! This was a super-quick knit. I knit on it in front of the TV for 2 nights (plus a little finishing on day three) and felted it the third day. It is a nice little knitting pick-me-up.

I have had some inquiries about Coachella. I did some mods and got back to the try-on point. I think it will work, but I have lost alot of love for this project. So, it has gone to the naughty corner until I am no longer frustrated with it. Hence, the nice, quick knit above.


Bezzie said...

Yeah, um, no offense to Texas, but Alaska's shrooms do get bigger. ;-)

The squatty sidekick! I just got the email about that! Your's looks much better than the pattern model!

JD said...

those shrooms look GROSSSSS!!! hahaha! i hate shrooms!! :)

your FO is cuuuute :)

weezalana said...

Nice job on the sidekick!

Hey, if those shrooms are edible, you could save a few bucks at the market! Or get really spinny. Hmmm, maybe picking shrooms up of the ground isn't such a great idea...

Liz G. said...

Ok...your mods to that pattern actually make me want to knit it!! CUTE!

eduininck said...

I saw the sidekick this week. It is even cuter in person. That is the smoothest, most evenly felted bag I have seen. No balling. Wonder how you did that!