Sunday, July 08, 2007

This house is clean.

Hi my name is Jennifer and I am a packrat. However, I have been told that I come by it honestly because my dad is also a packrat, along with his grandmother. See, it's not my fault! :-P

However, I had begun to get better about it, but it was like trying to push back the ocean when the tide is coming in. It was starting to progress from messy to dirty (trust me, there's a difference). I had fought with it for a long time to get everything back in order, but I was fighting a losing battle. I needed reinforcements.

Yep, I called my mom.

She came down a few weeks ago and we went hard core on my little apartment with all of it's "crap". We started with the worst, the living room. Why is it the worst? 'Cause that's where all the fibery goodness lives.....well, most of it. It was at this point I took EVERYTHING out of it's place and only put back what I really, really wanted and started a destash pile with the rest. This is the point where my non-knitty mommy said something that literally had be laughing for at least half an hour:

*Disclaimer: Please put down all beverages before proceeding*

"Yeah, you should get rid of some of it before it goes bad."

...and with a straight face.

Aren't you glad I made you put your beverage down?

Which finally brings us to my point. I have finally gotten my box 'o yarn photographed and "flickred" and it is now up for grabs in this flickr set. I am giving ya'll first dibs before I throw it up on Destash. This is Round One and I will be doing the same thing for Round Two. If we get to Round Three, you will know it's bad 'cause that's when we start on my Lorna's........*shudder*.....

Okay, so how about some pretty things?

Pattern: Amanda's Squatty Sidekick
Needles: Denise US10
Yarn: Paton's Merino Wool in Chestnut Brown and Retro
Mods: Again, did the 6" of i-cord on the handle, instead of 3".

This is the second one of these, this one done for my roomie who is moving out. I really got this felted and I like the fabric that came out, but it did make it a little small. Therefore, the next one I make I will probably make it bigger so that I can get it really felted. The next one for me will also have a zipper, instead of the clasp.

I have been going back and forth on if I like it or not. The varigated Patons felted wierd, but once I shaved it and looked at it some more, it's kinda starting to grow on me. The roomies outta town, so I don't know if she likes it or not.

Bezzie has been keeping us updated on the Great Potato Experiment. This got me to contemplate my current vegtable experiment - the tomato (not to be confused with the Tomato, which will happen at a later date). I am in an apartment that has a good size patio, but gets very little direct sun.

This makes growing things, especially veggies quite difficult. I had a tomato plant last year that I got one little tomato out of before it burned up. Since we have been having a bit of rain (read: flooding), the weather has been relatively mild, letting my plants grow, without needing water 2-3 times a day. The above picture was taken May 14. My tomato plant is on the far right. And here is is today:It has begun to take over!! It is even growing over the side of the railing to get more sun. The picture above is at about 9:30am and that is about the most amount of sun that gets to my patio. There are about a dozen blooms about and...WOO HOO!!! He's clocking in at about 1.5" right now and still going!


Bezzie said...

Ooo! Love your tomato!

It's OK, the first step to packrat recovery is admitting you're a packrat! ;-)

weezalana said...

Holy cow, look at the size of your tomato plant! That is awesome!

I'm trying really, really hard to turn away from that black Calmer...

k said...

I'm a packrat but I tend to do a purge once a year. This time, though, I need to start a major purge after graduation in two weeks. I already know there's going to be a major destash, along with getting rid of some things I've talked myself into keeping over the years (favorite sweatshirts from high school- that would be pre-1989 years, books, video tapes, etc). I think I have maybe 4 different Abs of Steel videos, 3 of them still shrink wrapped.