Thursday, July 19, 2007

The beginning of the LONG WEEKEND....

As some of you know, I have been working at Barnes and Noble for about 6 weeks now. Therefore, I will belong to a group of the most insane, overworked people this weekend. Others include employees of Borders, Hastings, independent booksellers, USPS and UPS. I will request for everyone to be nice to these people this weekend, 'cause it's going to be insane. Give your UPS Guy/Gal or USPS worker a cookie when they deliver your book on Saturday. Or maybe a popcicle, if it's hot....

On to the knitting.....

Our SnB is at the end of a Vacation Swap. The gist is that you tell your spoiler where you would like to go, and they put a package together to send you on a trip. My spoiler was Tasha, who did an AWESOME yeah, I dunno what's going on either. But it looks much better here. I got some Cider Moon yarn, which I have never tried, some yummy Ashland Bay top, stitchmarkers handmade by Ms. Tasha herself, some pasta and sauce (that has Cab Sav in it) and a bottle o' wine. That sounds like a HP recovery dinner if I ever heard of it: yarn, fiber, pasta and wine.

And before I forget, again, check out another quickie FO:Pattern: Kureyon Kozy from Knitty
Yarn: Noro Kureyon #40
Needles: US6
Size: Small (4-6 cups)
Notes: I have a Chantal 4-cup teapot and this thing is REALLY streached over the pot. I left it sitting on the pot, so it has streached a bit. When I do it again, I will probably make the larger size (6-8 cups).


weezalana said...

Ooo, you're gonna love knitting with the Cider Moon!

Cute cozy!

Stacey said...

Borders employee here & amen to that. Luckily I don't work on Saturday! Just Friday night. :)

That cozy is adorable! :D

Bezzie said...

Cute cozy!

My sister's a Border's worker, but she got lucky and only has to work Saturday.

Bookstore workers and delivery people are the true Heros of the Hype!