Monday, July 23, 2007

I survived.....

.....but just barely. I didn't get to finish the book before I went to work Saturday morning (I am not as fast a reader as Trillian), but I did finish it when I got home. I would like to thank everyone who was nice and understanding to their booksellers and postmen this weekend. For the most part, the folks at our store were nice and behaved like good little first graders - wait your turn, stand in line, and no shouting (well, no angry shouting). Yeah, we had a few party poopers who felt they were more important than anyone else and acted like toddlers (they hadn't made it to first grade yet), but the nice people made up for it.

So, last week I decided that if I am going to make one of these....
I should get on it.
Pattern: Double-knit Bookscarf from pieKnits
Yarn: Lion Brand WoolEase in Cranberry and Gold
Needles: US5

Even if you don't want to me a nerd and have a HP Scarf Bookmark, I would suggest making one of these (in whatever colors you want) just to play with Double knitting. You are basically making a double-thickness knit fabric (aka flattened, fat i-cord), knitted flat, on two needles. I know Jennifer has used this technique on several of her projects, especially buttonbands. I really like it and will probably use it on my next cardigan. Of course, for there to be a next, there has to be a first, but I digress.

I have really gotten in a worsted-weight/big needle groove lately. I think that I needed a little Instant Gratification knitting. I have started a second Saturday Market Bag (which is halfway done) and a Pinwheel Baby Blanket. Socks and things are still getting knitted on. Don't worry, they aren't being neglected. I am fixing to turn the heel of Flaming Monkey #1. They have turned out much better, once I increased the stitch count.

On the tomato front, I have two tomatoes going strong, but nothing has come off of the plant yet. Hey, if these actually make it off of the vine, I will have doubled my produce yield over last year. That's good, right?

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Bezzie said...

That's totally good! I have the same mentality with my potato--if I get one, I will have broken even!

Even though I wouldn't make that bookmark (well at least for myself!) that's a cool link to dink around with double knitting.