Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Sky is Falling....

....or that's what it sounds like. Remember the winter storm I told you about last time? Well, everything has calmed down and has begun to melt. What happens when it just barely warms up and things barely start to melt?

Wicked icicles.These are really, really cool.....until they start falling and scaring the crap out of you.

Look! Knitting!My first Februrary Baby Sweater. Seems everyone I know is having babies right now. My family had a large census increase over the holidays. I think we grew by three.... So I will hopefully be knitting some things for them for their first birthdays, seeing as I wasn't in the knitting groove before they were born.

I would have to say that my new job has really helped with my knitting groove. See, I am very, very lucky. To avoid traffic implications, I leave early enough for work that I am usually there 30 minutes early. Bring out the knitting. Then, I get 3-30 minute breaks....on the clock. Use one to eat, that's another hour of knitting time, which is actually paid! This new job has given me about an hour and a half of knitting time that "can't" be interrupted or used for something else.

Initially, I was using up stash and stocking up on baby hats and these new baby booties that use up extra sock yarn. These getting me by until I could get a project in mind....and that project is the Ivy League Vest. Yep, I'm just going to jump in....eventually. Some of the yarn has gone on a sight-seeing trip, but it called and said it would be home soon. When I ordered the yarn I could actually order, I snuck in some KnitPick Shine Worsted and figured I could do a FBS in the meantime. I just attached the second of three skeins I got so I'm hoping there will be enough for a February Baby hat.

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labknitter said...

those icicles are soooo cool! dangerous too.