Wednesday, February 10, 2010

All Better

I need to learn to not post right when I get home from work....scary things happen.....I had a little rant there.

But the problem was still there never the less. This is what it originally looked like:
Yeah...that looks stupid. So I dropped the stitches all the way back to the second buttonhole and redid them. And then I had a glass of wine...

...or seven. But it looks much better now, so it was worth it. The stitches are still a little wonky, but I'm hoping it will work out when I block it. Just the sleeve left to go and it will be good.

On a separate note, I thought I'd show you Smokey helping me with laundry. He really likes laundry day.
What do you mean you have to fold the sheets now?

Seriously, don't even try it.

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