Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I'm annoyed....

...but I can't tell who's fault it resides. Probably mine...but...yeah...

I "finished" the body portion of the FBS and started on the sleeves. I ran some crafty errands, including going to the LYS for some needles for my Ivy League Vest (and, surprisingly, that is all I bought, I promise). I also shopped around for some buttons for said FBS. I made three button holes 'cause that's what everyone else did and it looked cute and I'm just that kinda gal.

So I being popping buttons on, seeing what they look like, which ones fit, etc. etc. Side note: I hate button shopping....just not my thing. That's when I really start looking at the sweater and the button holes look spaced really stupid. Lemme explain without a picture (cause it's dark).

Imagine a sweater that would have five evenly-spaced buttons. Now removed the bottom two. That's what it looks like. Right now, I'm feeling like throwing it in the corner yelling "This is stupid!" and going off and pouting like a three year old.

This is what I know:
1. I did use worsted-weight yarn and US8 as opposed to DK yarn and needle recommended. I concede that.

2. All other instructions were followed to the best of my knowledge. At first I thought I screwed up at "knit 8 ridges" and doing crazy math in my head to where that was 16 rows and therefore 16 ridges, but this is not the case. I DID do it correctly.

3. I did knit the body 5", as instructed. Granted, with the yarn/needle change, this may be an issue, but from looking at other projects, I seem to have done about the same amount of repeats.

4. I am 100% insane. I think this also important because I think the yarn keeps changing color on me.

I'm hoping I can sleep on it and the knitting gnomes will have fixed my problem. I'm trying not to think about dropping the buttonhole stitches all the way back to the beginning-ish and redoing them, or, god forbid, rip the entire thing out. Idk....opinions?

I'm gonna go find some wine....

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