Friday, January 15, 2010

What to do....what to do....

Since I have gotten back into knitting again (and I find it safe to say I'm officially back in, considering what I knitted this week*), I am now at an impasse at what to knit. I mean we can always do a quickie hat or scarf or mittens, but I am looking for something more a sweater.

Yeah, I know.

I've been getting back on ravelry and started looking though my ancient queue, looking at all of those things I liked back then. Guess what....I still like them. So...I have a decision to make and, since I can now only communicate with knitting peeps online, I need some help with what to knit now. And I'm not going to be helpful about it.

Project #1: "Plain" Oatmeal Sweater.
Yeah, that's not helpful, I know, but hear me out. I have some oatmeal-colored wool, already in the stash, that I have wanted to make into a sweater for a long time. I found the sweater I wanted to make in Interweave. It's marked in the magazine. But do I currently have the magazine? No. Still in the moving process, okay? But it's only of those good, simple sweaters.

Pros: Already have the yarn and pattern....theoretically.
Cons: Worried it would be too plain and not keep my interest.

Project #2: Ivy League Vest
I have wanted to make this ever since I saw it in the magazine and even more when I saw turtlegirl's vest. It would definately be an endeavor, but that's kinda what I want. Plus, I just finished some fair-isle mittens and I'm still kinda feeling that. But here's the catch: I would need to buy the yarn. Granted, it would only put me back like $15 (using KP Pallette), but there's is definately something to be said for using something from my VAST stash of yarn.

Pros: Very attention-grabbing....would learn how to steek.
Cons: Would have to but even more yarn....would have to steek.....eek!

I also have another sweaters worth of yarn (a nice wine color) that was going to be another CPH, but I'm thinking of doing one of the other 5 million cardis I have queued up. Something like Mariah, Cabled Cardigan, or Mr. Greenjeans.

Need opinions!!

*I finished a pair of Manly Mitts and a Hannah Hat, but trying to find the cord for the camera. Hopefully, will post soon.

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