Saturday, January 09, 2010

One more time....with feeling...

Ok…so here we go for another attempt. But I’m really going to try and make it stick this time!

Yes, I have been gone for over a year. Yes, I have missed ya’ll. Yes, a lot has happened since we last spoke. If you are here because I popped up on your Bloglines or you’re cycling through your bookmarks, I applaud your confidence that I would return.

My return to the blog will have to be broken into several posts because I just can’t imagine anyone that would want to know that much about my life that they would read page after page. So…we’ll do it in small doses.

First off, I moved to Oklahoma and moved in with my parents for a while. The move got me a promotion and helped me to save a bit of money. However, this past Christmas was my last in retail, but more on that later. For those Chickies who are still watching, I have a surprise for you and it’s more important than any knitting I could show you. Not only did I get a promotion at my new store, I found something much, much better.

I found a boy.

Yes, he’s cute, isn’t he? He worked at the same store I did and we hit it off almost immediately. We’ve been together almost a year at this point and have begun to move in together. He did not run away from the massive amounts of yarn. Always a plus.

But one of the biggest was this conversation. One of the things we did when we first started dating was watch Firefly. I had never seen it, but had always wanted to. We hit the episode of “The Jayne Hat”. Firefly knitters know which ones I mean. Short and sweet, Jayne (played by Adam Baldwin) gets a hat in the mail that his mom made. The others don’t think much of the style, but he likes it and proudly wears it because his mom made it. I then tell Sean about the big popularity of the Jayne Hat in the knitter circle.

Me: Yeah, I have always thought about making me one.

Boy: Is it hard to do? Do you think you could make me one?

Me: If I made you that, you would totally not wear it in public.

Boy: I would totally wear that hat every day if you made it for me.

Yeah, I know. It’s what he got for Christmas and, true to his word, he wears it whenever he goes outside.

On to the knitting…I kinda got into a knitting funk for a while and didn’t knit much, which I think is a big reason I didn’t blog this past year. But I did knit some. I did another (and hopefully last) Christmas stocking. Still trying to find the picture I took of that one. Knit the Jayne hat for The Boy. And I have been working on a pair of mittens for myself. And that’s it. Seriously.

But I now have a new job, working at a casino. I work in the blackjack pit, basically being the pit boss’ lackey. It's easy work for more money, so you can't beat that. Plus, it gives me quite a bit of knitting time.

Hope everyone is doing well and I hope to be here much more often!


turtlegirl76 said...

Good to see you back! What a cunning hat you made for your man!

D said...

Glad to see you're alive and well! We figured you either died or found a boy, happy to see it was the latter.


IrishgirlieKnits said...

Awww!! That's my kind of comeback blogpost! Cute guy, fabulous hat, happy couple!! Here's to a great new year!

Manda said...

awww, so cute!! I'm glad to see you're doing so well !! :)

Knitted Zebra said...

Welcome back!!

I just found out about Firefly and am watching DVDs from Netflix so I can see the episodes. Think the Jayne hat is coming up soon!

Does he wear it in the movie Serenity? Someone told me to watch Firefly first before I watch Serenity.

Congrats on your honey and happy new job!

chemgrrl said...

Yay, you're back! I've been a bit worried. But you have a better job and a boy! Very happy news.

Tasha said...

OMG - she's back! We missed you. And your boy is cute - if he didn't run from the yarn & he'll wear the Jayne hat, he's good by me!

Liz G. said...

SO glad to see you back! And hubba hubba on the guy! Yay!

What casino??

JenDai said...

i had no idea you were blogging again b/c my reader wasn't reading your feeds! GOOD JOB ON THE BOY!! :) hubba hubba!

glad to see you back :)