Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Really? REALLY? /facepalm

Okay...so now I've only been back into knitting for like a month now and I'm already annoyed. But I have to tell you the funny part of the story first.

While researching my new project some more, I basically kept looking through all the Ivy League Vests on Ravlery. Like everyday. That helped me to decide that's the one I wanted to do. But there were so many color choices and I have never been able to pick colors that go together, so I figured I would find a color scheme I liked and steal it....urm, I mean, build upon it.

I need help deciding and who's opinion is readily available?

Me: I need your opinion on some knitting.
The Boy: Okay...
Me: I'm trying to decide which color I want to go with for this sweater. Which of these two do you like more?
The Boy: *contemplates while we switch back and forth between the two* I like that one more.
Me: Okay....I like that one too...
The Boy: It's more For The Horde....
Me: I'm sorry...*starts giggling*...what was that?
The Boy: Well, one is more Horde colors....the other is Alliance.
Me: *Starts laughing uncontrollably*

'Cause that's how we roll. Sidenote: Yes, we both play WoW. He's Horde and I'm Alliance. Every relationship has it's complications.

I finally get everything together and sit down to order the yarn. The Twig and Fog color of KP Palette are discontinued and the white is unavailable until the end of March, supposedly.

Therefore, I'm putting out a shout-out that if anyone has some of either the Twig or Fog color and can tell me which color they most closely resemble. I will also be bugging the turtlegirl goddess to see if she can tell me.

Edit: Manda makes an excellent point. Being away from the fiber world for so long, I had forgotten how gigantically useful the Rav is......


Manda said...

I have no clue, but you can always check Ravelry stashes or the ISO/Destash board on Ravelry to see if anybody has the amount of the colors you need. :)

That stinks, but good luck getting the colors you want!

chemgrrl said...

Oh you nerds! Giggle.

I made my 2 brothers Star Wars scarves once. One was Alliance and one was Empire. It's funny, but the one I gave the Empire scarf to was way happier.