Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm Back

Allright, I'm officially back on the blog and things will be back to normal....well, normal-ish.

As I mentioned before, I've been away, dealing with things. Everything is fine now, so don't worry, but it was a little hairy there for a while, hence my absence from my and everyone else's blog. Very long story short, I have ended up transferring to another Barnes & Noble and I will be moving....to Oklahoma....and living with my parents. Surprisingly, the bad part about this is the living in Oklahoma.

Now, I don't want to hear from all the Okies about me ragging on their state. It's nothing personal. Oklahoma and I have just never gotten along. Last time I went to visit my parents (who moved there not too long ago), I got my new-to-me car and the state chased me out with TWO tornados. Yeah, we don't like each other. We aren't going to talk about the last time I actually lived in OK. Plus, I'm a Texan, so there you go.

So this week, I have been packing, which is quite a chore 'cause long-time readers of the ol' blog will know how much CRAP I have. It's progressing nicely and all was going well. This weekend we had the DFW Knit Out which was awesome and I got to see folks I haven't knit with in a while. Tonight, however, was my last Knit Night with the Rockstars. We had a blast doing some eating, drinking, and knitting. I left to go home and then it hit me. I'm really leaving. Yeah, I cried the whole way home. It's crazy how it just hits you like that after all the preparation.

But things move forward and it's not like I'll never be back......or wat least I hope I will!! TTYL


chemgrrl said...

:( Sorry you have to leave Texas. Does that mean you have to get rid of some of your stash? Since everything's bigger in Texas, you know.

OK's not so bad. The sunsets are really pretty.

Liz G. said...

We're gonna miss you so much - we all shed a little tear when you left last night, too. We love ya, girl - hurry up and come back!

Sherilyn said...

Jen, I'm so sorry I missed last night! DH gave me his cold so now I have a sore throat and didn't want to risk spreading it around. We'll miss you a lot on Tuesdays....

weezalana said...

Bummer that you have to leave Texas. :( But hey, maybe Oklahoma was just hazing you, and this time it'll treat you much more nicely. :D

Good luck with the packing!