Monday, September 01, 2008


Okay, so I'm here.....sort of. Stuff has been going down and I have really been paying much attention to the blogosphere lately. I miss all of ya'll greatly and will be getting back into the swing of things soon.

I just wanted to let you know that I am here and I haven't been buried underneath a pile of yarn and fiber (although that is always a possibility). Information will be coming forthwith, including my experience in meeting the person I most wanted to meet. Well, famous person that is....all though some of ya'll bloggers are pretty famous, whether you know it or not.

Until then, may your gauge be correct and may you always have enough yarn!

P.S. Ripped out the sleeve on the baby sweater, started to reknit it again and still forgot to add on the stitches at the beginning of the rows.'s still in time-out. FTL


chemgrrl said...

There you are! I've been worried. Hope everything is okey-dokey.

I don't know who this famous person that you've met could possibly be. You haven't met *me*. Who else is there? :)

Marilyn said...

I'm guessing you met Diana Gabaldon...seems like she would be a great person to run into at a book store... Otherwise, I'm hoping you met the man of your dreams!!! See you in October! Love, Aunt Marilyn

JD said...

ok now i'm dying to know who you met and how come you haven't been online lately. hahaha

i hope you are doing well! :) hurry and telll us!

Bezzie said...

Aw that sucks. But OK will just be a transitional thing for you--I know it!