Saturday, October 04, 2008


Okay, so I am done-ish with packing before I leave and, as always, I don't understand why I have so much stuff. It boggles me.

A couple of weeks ago, my mom was down visiting for the PKD walk that we do every year. (Of course I forgot my camera...but I know someone has a picture...more to come.) She brought the pickup and we loaded it up with boxes that I had packed up and we filled it the best we were able. BTW, that first load had my knitting books in it and of course the day after she left I needed to look something up. I now have two large suitcases, two large duffles, 12 boxes, and various bags packed into my car and it still looks like I could be living there (short of the empty closet and dresser).

So here I sit in the "Business Office" at my apartment since my internet-connection apparatus is packed, there is a no wireless. Yeah, I sat at my laptop for 10 minutes trying to figure out why the internet wasn't working. S-M-R-T

Once I get to the Other State and get situated, hopefully, I can get those updates up that I have been promising! Happy knitting!


labknitter said...

Hey Chicky! I need your new address. email me when you get internet back.

JD said...

i can't believe you are moving far away. how far?

don't be a stranger! good luck and living w/ the parents shouldn't be too bad right? :) hehehe. OK isn't so bad is it? I've only been up there a couple of times.

Tasha said...

check in soon - we miss you already.

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