Wednesday, October 10, 2007


How is it that I post more when I don't have a camera? Yeah, I dunno either.

It's a shame it's not working too because I got my KnitFlix swap package last night. Our knitting group did a secret swap centered around a movie. I had quite a haul from Dawn. I got a Glow-Batt from Merlin the Cat's etsy shop (it freakin' glows in the dark!), a Sock Monkey nightshirt (I have a SERIOUS pj fetish), a lovely hand-beaded orifice hook for my spinning wheel, a set of dangle-free stitch markers, a yummy candy and soda stash, and one of my favorite movies on DVD - Galaxy Quest. Gotta love it. Thank you Dawn!

As an aside, I just wanna put something out there. Okay, I know Oprah is big and all....or at least I thought I did. I never really quite grasped the large expanse of her influence until I started working at B&N. Any book on her show instantly goes on the Best Seller list. Monday she had on Jessica Seinfeld, wife of Jerry Seinfeld, author of the new cookbook Deceptively Delicious. The book went on sale Tuesday. We had 30 copies. We sold out in 3 hours. When I went to work today, B&N in it's entirety was out, as in they are going to have to print more. This is just crazy....not good or bad, just crazy.

So, here is today's question: Hardback or Paperback?

If I have a choice, I like paperback, but I am also not one to wait for certain books. Therefore, my collection of my favorite books are a mixture of both.

Random, I know.


Eryn said...

I am so jealous you work in a bookstore - although it would be terrible for me. I'd spend my entire paycheck on books and end up eating ramen noodles all the time.....

Anonymous said...

The whole Mrs. Seinfeld book thing. I either read about it or heard her interviewed somewhere, I can't remember which. She acts like she has just come up with this thing all on her own! WHAT-EVAR! Moms have been doing this for ages. Just sayin'. My kids still haven't forgiven me for the time I put broccoli in their grilled cheese sandwiches. Her next book will be: How to Win Trust Back from Your Kids After Decieving Them For Years Because You Didn't Feel They Could Handle the Truth About Healthy Eating.

I hope she is socking away some of that money for their therapy.

I am going to go find a confessional booth now.